Poll: if only Romania Hungarians voted, Fidesz would have an 83 pc majority

The question is how many mandates they will decide about on the 2022 election. #Hungary #Hungarian #poll #dailynewshungary #Romania #Fidesz #survey

Ruling parties hold comfortable lead in Hungary – poll

Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance VS the joint list of the opposition

Survey: Mayor, opposition coalition unpopular with majority of voters

His low approval rating may be due to the fact that Karácsony had already lost a general election in 2018 ☑️

Young British people want to ditch the monarchy, poll suggests

That was a reversal of sentiment from two years ago, when 46% preferred the monarchy to 26% who wanted it replaced ???

Hungarian ruling parties increases lead during the pandemic?

Pro-government poll, results:

Biden fares better than Trump over first 100 days – poll

Was Biden fares better than Trump over first 100 days?