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The US E-commerce industry is set to grow from 343.15 billion dollars in 2019 to 476.46 billion US dollars in 2024, according to Statista. If you are a part of this lucrative market, then you need a website that generates profits and engages the end-user!

How do you get a professional, revenue-generating website? You hire a WordPress developer. But before you find out how to hire WordPress developers, you need to ask yourself does your firm needs one.

When Should You Hire a WordPress Developer

developer wp

Here are some pointers to consider if you need a WordPress Developer:

You Need a Customized Theme:

For a customized website for your brand, a WordPress Developer gives you complete leeway when it comes to design. All the themes, extensions, or plugins needed to make your website more engaging and functional can be downloaded, installed, or customized to give your website the winning edge for more significant business leads, profits, and sales.

If you don’t have knowledge of WordPress or the time to learn it, but want an impacting website, then your best bet would be hiring a WordPress developer. They will provide you with features like customized events calendar, video integration, order process, and more.

You Have a Larger Budget

When you have sufficient funds set aside for your marketing budget and investing in the right resources for boosting your sales, you can go forward with hiring wordpress developers. This investment would depend on the stage of your business. Any WordPress developer worth their salt comes at a price, but if you look at the benefits in terms of revenues, it makes sense. 

If you are in the startup phase, and funds are tight, it would make more sense to choose a WordPress template. You don’t need knowledge of coding to use a WordPress theme, and it gives you the flexibility to edit the content as per your requirement.

You Need to Focus on Your Core Area

If WordPress is not your area of expertise, it would be more profitable for you to hire a WordPress Developer and focus on servicing your existing clients or expanding your business or both.

The WordPress Developer will help you understand user expectations better, and this will ensure more traffic to your website. They will also help you analyze data better. You will not only know essential metrics like bounce rate, sessions per user, page views, or session duration but also understand which metrics you need to focus on the most for better results.

Time is Not A Constraint

If you are short on time and need to launch your website urgently, then it would be advisable to choose a WordPress theme that you like and format the content according to your requirements. However, since you are not a trained WordPress Developer, your website would not be user friendly and attract the target audience.

When you have sufficient time on hand, it is worthwhile to hire a wordpress developer as well as a Swift Developer. You can find expert Swift developers for hire online who can create computer programs and mobile apps to engage the end-user. Considering the number of mobile app downloads, this will help in improving your business prospects.

Lack of Technical Support

You need to be familiar with WordPress to troubleshoot any problems that might arise. There can be issues like syntax error, connection timed out, 404 error, internal server error, and many more. The Developer can train you to handle these issues promptly.

To ensure that your website works correctly, the WordPress Developer will provide you with end-to-end technical assistance in addition to theme customization or plugin installation. If your site is down due to any of these errors, your image takes a beating, and you risk losing customers.

Security Comes First

A website that you have created might not have the required security and can expose your customers to unwanted risks like viruses and malware. While the designing part may be handled with a WordPress theme, your security might not be up to the mark. The result is a loss of revenues and your credibility.

To protect your site from hackers, you need the services of a professional WordPress Developer. They will ensure complete confidentiality of your business data and incorporate all the measures to keep your website safe, like installing the best WordPress Security Plugins like Sucuri, iThemes Security Pro, Jetpack, and more.

Your Competitors Are Hiring Professionals

When your competitors are engaging WordPress Developers to gain market share, it’s time you joined the bandwagon. Your website will not stand a chance against their professional-looking websites.

Borrowing ideas from your competitors won’t do; you need a website that stands out in the crowd. Apart from appearance, their sites will be more functional and SEO optimized as well. With the right WordPress Developer, your website will have the right quality needed to attract more customers.

You Need Accountability

When you hire a professional WordPress Developer, you have specific benchmarks that they need to assess their performance against. They will need to consistently meet those predecided standards if they don’t want the contract to be terminated.

The fact that failure to achieve their set goals means that they will be replaced by another developer drives them to provide you with the highest standards of quality and adhere to the toughest of deadlines. They will keep you updated on the website development process.

Since you are paying them top dollar as part of a contract, they are accountable to you. If there are lapses in performance, you can always hire a more competent developer.

Push Your Profits Higher With a WordPress Developer

If you are the owner of a growing business, you need to focus on your product or service, not website development. Your business will reach its true potential when resource allocation is optimal. If you don’t specialize in website development, then use your resources to improve service to existing clients and try to make inroads into new territories.

The WordPress Developer will design the website in alignment with your strategic goals so that you get the best quality service. When you are attracting more customers with a professionally-designed website, all you need to do is concentrate on the quality of your services.

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