Israel will be the guest of honour at this year’s Art Market Budapest event, central and eastern Europe’s leading contemporary art fair this month, the organisers said on Tuesday.

Israel will be in the focus of the fair held from October 12 and 15

as a country celebrating the 70th anniversary of its foundation next year, Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky, deputy mayor of Budapest, told a press conference.

Israel will also be a guest of honour at the large-scale CAFe Budapest art festival this month which will be signalled by putting a new sculpture by Eran Shakine on display in Széchenyi Square near Chain Bridge, she said.

Yossi Amrani, the ambassador of Israel, said they immediately supported the idea of participating in the event.

“A dream has come true within a short time, just as how the State of Israel was born from a dream, that of Theodore Herzl born in Budapest,” he said.

Both festivals will present Israel’s photo and fine arts, music and gastronomy along with Jewish traditions all along,

he added.

Art Market Budapest will this year feature thousands of works by more than 500 artists from 24 countries in four continents in Millenáris Park, Attila Ledényi, the festival’s founder, said.

A special exhibition: David Bowie 1982 – 1992 by Tony McGee

Tony McGee is a highly acclaimed fashion photographer, his long list of clientele includes, Tina Turner, George Michael, Bowie and Kate Moss

“I am extremely proud to be showcasing and exhibiting, at the Art Market Budapest 2017, in association with 8Privé and DesignStudio98, a small selection of photographs that I took of David Bowie the rock & roll icon between 1982 – 1992. David and I met in 1977 at the Cannes Film Festival, we continued the friendship in both dialogue and socially and then in 1982, he made a brilliant, world selling album called ‘Lets Dance’ and it was the first professional project that I worked consistently with David on. That professional working relationship continued during the next ten years, which David went through many changes and I was able to witness at a very close level, the genius of the man.”

Tony McGee


Source: MTI

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