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After the results of the Champions League draw, it turned out that world-class football celebrities such as Lionel Messi, Barcelona’s FIFA Ballon d’Or awarded player, and Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus’ Portugal star player, would come to Budapest to play. This is definitely a first, but you have never seen such prices either.

According to Index, Ferencváros only sells passes for the matches, the price of which ranges from 30,000 forints (~ $100) to 120,000 forints (~ $400), so anyone who would like to watch the matches in Puskás Arena from a reasonable spot must reach deep into their pockets. These numbers come from Munkások Újsága, who got hold of a leaked leaflet about ticket prices.

Of course, there are even more expensive tickets, but they are definitely not for the average Joe as VIP passes can cost as much as 600,000 forints (~ $2,000).

Football UEFA Champions League Prices
UEFA Champions League Prices Source:

It also comes with a few extra services:

  • the best view of the whole stadium,
  • comfortable chairs in the middle of the VIP section,
  • all-inclusive buffet,
  • convenient and fast entry.

As the club’s president, Gábor Kubatov, wrote on his Facebook page, ticket sales will consist of eight rounds for the home matches of Fradi. First, UEFA sponsors get tickets, then the head coach and the players’ family members. They are followed by members of the professional staff and those working alongside the team, followed by the FTC’s athletes, as well as the club’s supporters and guests.

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