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SS Lazio and Plácido Domingo will come to Hungary in the summer of 2019.

The new sports centre will open in the summer, reports Delmagyar.hu. It will include a sports hotel and an open-air stage as well. The almost HUF 10 billion (EUR 30.2 million) investment is owned by the diocese of Szeged-Csanád.

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The Szeged-Grosics Academy plays in the third division of the Hungarian football league, called NB 3 (National Championship 3). If everything goes as planned,

they will face SS Lazio, sitting in the 4th place currently in Seria A,

on the opening match of their new stadium. László Kiss-Rigó, the bishop of Csongrád county, claims the building will be able to host bigger cultural events as well. The very first of these is already being organised: Plácido Domingo, the Spanish tenor, will sing in the stadium in August.

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A sports hotel is under construction too, and they have numerous bookings already, from athletes and international football teams in the Middle East as well as Western European first division clubs. The multifunctional stadium can host 8000 fans, but it can be used for social events as well.

“The diocese has eighty public institutions with almost ten thousand students, but they sponsor four thousand foster kids,”

said Kiss-Rigó.  Training grounds will be built as well for the three hundred youth players of the Grosics Academy. According to the bishop, the main goal is to qualify for higher divisions, the higher the better, and to make it possible for the team to play in their hometown.

If you time your holiday to Hungary right, you can catch other famous artists as well, like Ed Sheeran, who headlines the 2019 Sziget Festival, or Slash, Slipknot and Robin Shulz at VOLT Festival in Sopron.

Source: delmagyar.hu

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