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Tradition since 2013 – creating an international network of young nationalist leaders is one of the main goals of ITE: workshop and training in Hungary.

Training, discussing and networking

Exchange of views of young leaders of political, cultural and civic organization s with nationalist, traditionalist and conservative ideologies – lectures, workshops and discussions, these are he keyword of the ITE program in Hungary.

Since years, ITE puts effort to cooperate with youth organizations related to the nationalist and traditionalist political ideologies in Europe. In 2013, an International workshop was launched with the assistance of the Youth Division of Jobbik (October 4-6, Tata – Hungary). The cooperation continued thereafter, and ITE organized several own training programs with workshops in Hungary. The next event of the series was implemented in 2016, on October 7-9, in the city of Szolnok again.

Young leaders of political, civic and traditional organizations of Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine received lectures about the activities of ITE and its international relations. The theme of the workshop of this year was the “Immigration crisis and its cultural aspects in Europe”.

Keynote speakers of the lectures:

Kitti Varga – vice president of YD Jobbik
László Sípos – director of project management – ITE
Maté Silhavy – professional trainer
The program let the International participant have insight of the immigration crisis and its cultural, identical aspects from a point of view of ITE. The young leaders expressed their interest towards a more integrated form of cooperation with the political foundation, like traineeships in Brussels.

ITE plans the next training in April, 2017.

Source: idte.info

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