Budapest, November 16 – The radical nationalist Jobbik party commemorated in Budapest on Sunday the 95th anniversary of the entry to the capital of Hungary’s interwar regent, Miklos Horthy.

Horthy, mounted on a white horse, led his forces into Budapest on November 16, after the overthrow of the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919.

novak-jobbik-hungaryJobbik deputy leader Elod Novak, addressing around 200 people attending the event, called for an equestrian statue of Horthy to be erected in Szent Gellert Square by the 100th anniversary.

He drew a parallel between the Horthy era and the 24 years of post-Communist transformation, stating that despite an even greater global crisis between the two world wars, Horthy had managed to put Hungary on the path of prosperity.

The participants waving Hungarian, Jobbik and red and white Arpad-stripe flags marched from Kosztolanyi Dezso Square to Szent Gellert Square, with horseriders leading the procession. The demonstrators chanted Horthy’s name and the words “Down with Trianon”.

The opposition Together party condemned the demonstration in a statement on Sunday, stating that Horthy was an accomplice in one of Hungary’s greatest tragedies, the Holocaust, and was responsible not only for the deaths of Hungarian soldiers but indirectly for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews and Roma.

Photo: MTI – Lajos Soos


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