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Jobbik is suffering “the biggest smear campaign of all time”, the conservative opposition party’s communications director said on Friday.

Ádám Mirkoczki told a news conference that

Jobbik had been tested in ways that “I cannot now imagine a situation that we could not survive in the future.”

He said that ever since the April general election, coverage of the party had sunk to “unprecedented depths”.

He said Jobbik would from now on abandon its news conferences devoted to particular policy areas and instead respond to any question, “no matter how absurd or slanderous”.

Asked about self-critical lessons Jobbik may draw from political life since 2010, he said the party’s leadership during this period had made “huge mistakes”.

He also dismissed the suggestion that more party members were poised to quit Jobbik.

Mirkoczki also denied reports that Jobbik was involved in dodgy financing in connection with a video channel that received most of its funding from the Jobbik Party Foundation. Responding to a question concerning allegations by an employee of the channel N1, Szabolcs Kisberk, the communications director said his claims were either a malicious or deliberate mistake.

“There was no black money and now there’s no black money there either,” Mirkoczki said.

Responding to another question about alleged improprieties connected with Jobbik, György Szilágyi, the party’s spokesman, said “if someone is aware of a crime, they should file charges”, otherwise they would be sued for slander.

Source: MTI

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  1. To my Mind, there have always been 2 Jobbiks…Jobbiks I could understand…& Jobbiks I couldn’t.

    Jobbiks of Class #1 were those Jobbiks like Krisztina Morvai, Dora Duro & Laszlo Toroczkai who were basically “politically incorrect” Members of the right-wing of Fidesz..

    Then there was the “Exotic Wing” of Fidesz that I could never quite follow…especially in the Case of Marton Gyongyosi, whose English is most excellent.

    How the Exotic Wing was ever going to establish Roots in the Hungarian Countryside, to me was a Mystery…which is the Reason for its disappointing Showing in the recent Elections.

    Say what you will about Viktor Orban…when he speaks you at Least know where he is coming from

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