Budapest, February 2 (MTI) – Jobbik party has called on all deputies to publish asset declarations for their family members.

Jobbik MP György Szilágyi told a press conference on Tuesday that like last year, representatives of his party have again published such lists of family assets. He said that the information was available on Jobbik’s website in a comparable format.

If all politicians followed suit, he said, it would become clear if the wife of state secretary László L Simon actually had the money to pay for recently acquired estates. The deputy added that a parliamentary committee had rejected an appeal to launch an investigation into the L Simon case.

On Monday, the leftist opposition parties made similar proposals to increase transparency, after the asset declarations of politicians were made public.

Együtt’s Viktor Szigetvári said that politicians “typically belonging to Fidesz” used “undercover” loans from private individuals to cover up “holes” in the incomes and demanded changes to the asset declaration system, which he said was “risible”.

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) demanded greater transparency and access to all previous declarations. Zsolt Gréczy, the party’s spokesman, criticised the current system of filing declarations and demanded that they should be filed electronically and there should be an open-access database of all previous declarations. DK also demands asset declarations by politicians when entering and leaving their posts to allow scrutiny of any wealth increases, including those of their relatives.

The opposition Dialogue for Hungary (PM) party said asset declaration of politicians’ relatives should be transparent and any loans by private individuals should be on the record.


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