Jobbik’s outdoor media campaign was so successful that Viktor Orbán banned it. “As of July 15, Fidesz’ outdoor media law entered into force and it contains extremely strict sanctions against Jobbik’s telling the truth on its street posters, which means the end of Jobbik’s outdoor media campaign for now,” said Jobbik spokesman Péter Jakab.

“We are not giving up the fight, we will set up stands, organize street rallies, use flyers and the Internet to deliver our messages to citizens, and we will replace the most corrupt government of all times.” He reminded the journalists that such issues as Hungary’s healthcare or the emigration of our youth had not prompted Viktor Orbán to summon an extraordinary meeting of the Parliament, but he did so just to remove Jobbik’s posters from public areas. In Mr Jakab’s view, Fidesz is no longer afraid of Jobbik: it is terrified.

“They are terrified that we replace them next year: they know very well that it would mean imprisonment for quite a few of them.” Any Prime Minister who fights street posters and creates fake problems instead of managing such real issues as wages, pensions and the situation in our healthcare system is unfit for leading the country and must be removed from office, the spokesman added.

As we wrote before, the opposition Jobbik party has submitted a complaint to the Constitutional Court over the government’s law on political billboard advertising.

Source: – press release

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