Press release – When the issue of women’s retirement after 40 years of employment was debated in Parliament, Fidesz refused to back Jobbik’s motion to extend periods of paid work by taking into consideration the time spent in secondary and vocational schools.

On December 13, 2010, 213 Fidesz and 36 Christian Democrat MPs, including Bence Rétvári voted against it. We all remember PM Orbán warning observers to watch what he does instead of what he says. This is how his government retroactively withdrew early retirement options, thus taking away the hopes of hundred thousands of people.

Jobbik will never agree to half-measures, so we abstained from the vote on women’s retirement after 40 years of paid work because, contrary to its earlier promises, Fidesz’s motion denied many ladies this opportunity for retirement. Jobbik will of course continue standing for the voluntary retirement of women and men after 40 years of paid work, as long as the motion enables the largest possible group of people to use this opportunity.

MP Tamás Sneider, vice president of Jobbik and Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly

Source: Jobbik – press release

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