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Daily News Hungary

Jobbik is astounded that Hungary’s PM has a neighbour wanted by the the FBI, according to the Embassy of the United States, for crimes including aiding illegal immigration, trafficking in arms, financing terrorism and abusing nuclear technology.

What we find even more astounding is that this person can easily travel into Hungary without the intelligence services saying anything, the police arresting him and Hungary extraditing him to the United States. Instead, the Orbán government and Mr. Orbán’s family does business with Ghaith Pharaon, who, in the Prime Minister’s view, does not pose a risk to our national security. If Mr. Orbán truly means this statement than he himself is the biggest risk to Hungary’s security.

Jobbik will submit a motion to Parliament so that the Committee on National Security put the Pharaon affair on its agenda. We know that the Prime Minister would rather choose the dirty money of a rich migrant over Hungary’s security, but we still have laws to prevent that. Pharaon must be extradited to the United States.

Source: Press release – Jobbik

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