If the police refuses to start an investigation, then we will have official proof that the Orbán government brainwashes our people. A responsible patriot has pressed charges against “one of the world’s most influential billionaires.”

In his Thursday press conference, Ádám Mirkóczki announced that he had had enough of this madness and trivialisation, and filed charges against George Soros at the Police Service of Hungary. Jobbik’s spokesman had two reasons for doing so.

First, the Hungarian Parliament had sunken to a new low and taken a major step toward becoming a mental asylum,

when state secretary of the Orbán government András Aradszki announced that Satan was attacking Hungary in the image of George Soros. “If it is true, Hungary is facing a national security threat unheard of before.”

Second, when Mr Mirkóczki, in a closed meeting of the National Security Committee of the Hungarian Parliament, asked the heads of the Hungarian special intelligence and security services (i.e., the Constitution Protection Office, the Information Office and the Counter Terrorism Centre) if the counter-occultism department had been set up yet, they could not give him an answer. Furthermore, when he asked them if there was a Soros Plan, all he got from the “hapless” officers was facepalms, embarrassed looks, visible discomfort and deadly silence. Typically enough, Szilárd Németh, the politician in charge of the anti-Soros campaign stated the very fact that Jobbik’s MP asked such a question was clear proof that Mr Mirkóczki himself was an accomplice to the Soros Plan.

The MP has had enough of all this indecisiveness, and pressed charges against George Soros for such crimes as:

– preparation for an attempt to overturn constitutional order by force,
– conspiracy against constitutional order,
– riot,

preparation for destruction.

As to why he filed these charges, he said:

“If the police refuses to start an investigation, then we will have official proof from the authorities that what the Orbán government does is nothing but a huge brainwashing project, an enormous lie.”

Expressing how baffled he was by the government’s activity, Mr Mirkóczki explained the dilemma: if, as he had concluded from the “non-briefing” of the intelligence services, there is no such thing as a Soros Plan, then why does the government spend billions of HUF on a 24/7 fearmongering campaign and why do all members of Fidesz-Christian Democrats venture into the realm of insanity just to assist it or, if there is such a plan, then why hasn’t anyone pressed charges against the US billionaire or issued an international arrest warrant? Because, believe it or not, nobody has done anything about it in Hungary so far. Perhaps these official charges will trigger a change.

Photo taken by Jeff Ooi

Source: Jobbik.com – Press release

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