Hungary’s radical nationalist Jobbik party, should it win power in next year’s election, would continue to support the endeavours of ethnic Hungarian communities for autonomy, Jobbik leader Gábor Vona told reporters on the sidelines of a session of the Hungarian Permanent Conference (Máért) in Budapest on Friday.

Vona, who addressed the session previously, said his party “firmly opposed” a recent Democratic Coalition proposal that Hungarians living in other countries should be stripped of their voting rights in Hungary.

If it were on government, Jobbik would “drop the practice of mixing up nation policy with party politics”, Vona said.

He insisted that “Hungarian governments at any time should support ethnic Hungarian communities rather than export domestic disputes and restrict the room for manoeuvre of those communities”.

Jobbik would “not expect them to support its policies in return for support (from the Hungarian government)”, he said.

featured image: Béli Balázs,

Source: MTI

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