Since Kornél Mundruczó’s film, Jupiter’s Moon, debuted at the Cannes film festival in May, distributors from 45 countries have bought it. Szeretlek Magyarország reports that it has great success at other film festivals too, having won 10 awards so far in Norway, Belgium, Paris, the Republic of Macedonia, Georgia and Catalonia.

Kincsem is not the only Hungarian film that has a huge international success: Jupiter’s Moon by Kornél Mundruczó proved to be a hit at film festivals and competitions.

Kornél Mundruczó said the following about his film: “‘Jupiter’s Moon is set in a world where there are no morals left to hang unto. We’re falling. We’ve forgotten to look up. In today’s Europe, we have no moral compass that would help us to make the right decision in matters like the migrant crisis.”

“My number one concern is whether there is a mutual faith that would link us together or not? Is there salvation? What could provide hope during the hardest times?”

At the Norwegian International Film Festival at Haugesund, the international professional jury found Mundruczó’s film to be worthy of the Andreas Ecumenical Award. Their reasoning was that this is an original, ambitious and existentialist film. The student jury agreed with the professional jury.

The L’Etrange film festival was organised for the 23rd time this year at the Forum des Images in Paris, where Jupiter’s Moon won the award for Best Film in mid-September.

At the Ostend Film Festival (Belgium), Mundruczó was awarded a star.

Now the Hungarian director is among artists like Charlotte Rampling, Mathias Shoenaerts and the Dardenne brothers.

It was at this same festival where Marcell Rév, the film’s cinematographer won the award for Best Cinematography. His work was awarded at the International Cinematographers’ Film Festival (Bitola, Macedonia), which was organised for the 38th time this year. This is the most prestigious international cinematographers’ festival, where Marcell Rév was awarded the Golden Camera 300 grand prise. The jury described him as a young man with stunning visual energy and outstanding creativity.

The Batumi International Art-house Film Festival (Georgia) took place in September, where Merab Ninidze won the Best Actor award for his performance in Jupiter’s Moon.

The Catalonian Sitges International Film Festival celebrated its 50th anniversary with artists such as Guillermo del Toro, Susan Sarandon, William Friedkin, Dario Argento, Udo Kier, Johnnie To, among them Kornél Mundruczó. On Friday, Mundruczó was awarded the ‘Time Machine’ special prize for his artistic achievements.

Then, on Saturday, it was announced that Jupiter’s Moon won the festival’s grand prize and the award for best effects.

About the film

Jupiter’s Moon tells the story of Aryan, a refugee, who’s been shot at the border, however, he starts levitating magically. The rational medic of the refugee camp, Dr. Stern, rescues him, because he sees an opportunity to make money in the boy’s special abilities. Promising Aryan a passport, the boy agrees to go with him. Yet, having witnessed such a miracle first-hand, the doctor’s life and believes are completely shaken, and

he starts looking for answers as to explain everything that he stood for so far.

The film is a Hungarian-German co-production, under the wings of Proton Cinema.

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