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Hungary’s National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) went to Lake Balaton to assess the quality of the lángos they serve there. Luckily, they were mostly satisfied with what they found.

Although they did find some things that should be fixed when inspecting the frying machines, the food safety supervisors were positive about the experience. According to HVG, Nébih had over 140 samples with which they completed almost 500 lab tests. Overall, they found problems that warranted fines of 300 000 forints altogether.

Out of the twelve hospitality venues they inspected, they found minor issues with eight of them, but the owners immediately corrected those.

Two places were notified because of more serious problems, while two were fined due to issues of personal hygiene and cleanliness on the spot, as well as storing expired food. Luckily, these places reacted fairly soon, too, rectifying the situation as fast as possible.

Lángos, Hungarian, meal, potato
The classic cheese and sour cream lángos

The supervising team got samples of the lángos as well as the fats used to fry them. With regards to the latter, only one was found slightly out of range from what is allowed, and only one lángos was found to be worse than average quality.

The equipment, menu, hygiene, catering, and the overall vibe of the hospitality venues were all assessed, by outsiders as well.

After comparing the reviews of the experts and the customers, the following venues were found to be the top three:

  1. RÉV Büfé in Révfülöp
  2. Sarok Büfé in Zamárdi
  3. Róza Mama Büféje in Balatonszárszó.




Source: hvg.hu

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