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After winning three gold medals, in the last event in Rio in 200 backstroke she won only silver medal. She was leading all along, but in the last final meters Maya Dirado caught up with her and the American swimmer touched the wall just a few tenths of a second before Katinka.

“This was Dirado’s last race (she retires from active competition after Rio) but for me the silver medal is an inspiration for future competitions…In London, I finished in fourth place, then Shane told me this was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Today, I feel something similar…” told Katinka to the media after the finals.

Katinka was so exhausted that after the finals she threw up. “The last 25 meters was death… fate wanted it this way; this was Maya’s last chance to win a gold medal in Rio, but for me the result is an inspiration for next year’s Budapest World Championships where I can win more than three gold medals,” said Katinka.

Rio de Janeiro, 2016. augusztus 7. Hosszú Katinka örül, miután világcsúccsal gyõzött a 2016-os riói nyári olimpia 400 méteres vegyesúszás versenyszámának döntõjében a Rio de Janeiró-i Olimpiai Uszodában 2016. augusztus 6-án. MTI Fotó: Kovács Tamás
Photo: MTI

Regarding the Olympic pressure that many Hungarian swimmers complained about Katinka had this to say: I and Shane had decided long before that we look at the Olympics just like any other world tournament. I swam the 200 m IM and the 400 m IM a million times before – I knew what to do said Katinka.


“Except the 200 m back event, everything went according to plans…But in general, everything was fine as it was. We worked hard…we did what was the best for us. And we were right,” told Katinka to journalists after her last race in Rio.

Photo: facebook.com/katinkahosszu

Source: MTI/hungarianambiance.com

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