The first summit attempt of the Hungarian mountaineer was not successful, he decided to cancel the push and return to the base camp, reports MTI.

According to the press release of SPAR Everest Expedition, Klein did so because he was running out of time and descending from the summit would have been dangerous.

Klein wanted to reach the highest peak of Earth without the use of bottled oxygen. With his partner, Sherpa AngMingma he turned back after a 10 hours long climb at 7 a.m. local time about 250 meters from the top. According to the expedition’s website, they did this for the sake of a safe, riskless descent as they were not able to keep the necessary pace in the death zone above 8000 meters. The strengthening wind, the minus 20 degrees and the thin air all endangered the summit attempt.

They are now descending to the ABC, advanced base camp at 6400 meters and then further down, writes MTI.

Klein said previously that he will try again one more time if the first attempt is unsuccessful. However, he will only risk it if his physical condition and the weather are good enough.

based on the article of MTI
translated by Oliver Tamasi



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