Budapest, March 11 (MTI) – Zsolt Németh, head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee, held talks with the deputy head of the foreign affairs committee of the Kosovan parliament in Budapest on Thursday.

Németh told MTI after meeting Teuta Rugova that he offered Hungary’s support to Kosovo.

Hungary was among the first country to recognise Kosovo’s independence, which Németh termed the right decision.

This was a way of promoting stability in the Balkans and a way for the international community to eventually eliminate the Milosevic regime, he added.

But Kosovo still has a serious task ahead towards achieving full independence, since only 111 states have recognised that status so far, Németh said.

“Hungary is fully committed to the recognition and reaffirmation of Kosovo’s independence,” Németh said.

Noting the participation of Hungary’s largest contingent in international missions such as the NATO-led international Kosovo Force (KFOR) and EUFOR, he said security policy is the area in which Hungary is most effective.

Kosovo can count on Hungary’s support in its endeavour towards NATO membership, Németh said, adding that this could soon be put on the agenda. He also welcomed the association agreement Kosovo concluded with the EU in 2015.

Teuta Rugova is the daughter of Ibrahim Rugova who was a key figure in the peaceful fight for Kosovo’s independence.


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