After long preparation, Tesla, the newest and biggest club of the party district has opened in the place of the former Electrotechnical Museum in Kazinczy Street. This is the biggest place of the in the whole area, however, the real question is what it can offer in the completely full market, Index says.

In the terms of location, Tesla could not be more ideal. Kazinczy Street is the main street of the party district. Clubs there played an important role in boosting the district. The local government reportedly plans serious cultural improvements in the street, so the location of Tesla is more advantageous.

According to, Tesla is not a classical ruin pub. On Saturday, Clark, one of the leading names of the prestigous Warp record label appeared. There is a duble admission: the security staff is selecting at the first gate, then the queue is directed to the compulsory cloak room. Entry is prohibited unless you paid the HUF 250 price of the cloak room. Because of this, a smaller group had freaked out so much that they requested back the HUF 3000-3500 price of the entry, because they had not been informed that cloak room is mandatory. But there were people who were not let in because they were not properly dressed. But if you enter the area, you realize that this makes sense. There are no seats except for a couple of bar stools. There is a heated smoking area, but it is not effective when 10-15 people trying to smoke at the same time. You can sit down in the courtyard, but there is no heating.

Since the museum is under the protection of monuments, the organizers had to pay a lot of attention for the small details. For example, sound proofing, which is likely the on of the most professional work in the country. It is quite incredible, but nothing can be heard in the courtyard from the inside. Thanks to the double noise reduction, you can hear even in the cloak room just slightly some grunts and the neighbors do not hear anything, says.

However, you can not complain about sound quality: the huge white speakers are more professional than Martin Audio, which is the standard of the club sound systems. Music can be heard pretty well in the whole dance area. But the device is quite strange: it is like a disco in New York. The bartenders work in Tesla T-Shirts, the bar is accessible from all sides so there are no long queues for beer.

But it is a strong black point that there is no price list, just a menu. Moreover, there are white letters on the black menu, so it is quite unreadable and you have to light with your phone to realize how much a Heineken or a Soproni beer costs. It is quite shocking that a service charge (HUF 84) also must be paid. It means that you have to pay HUF 784 instead of 700 for a jar of Heineken. In addition, one of the booth could not give back money, so the author had to pay HUF 1000 for the beer.

According to, it is not so easy to say who will attend Tesla. Since the Hajógyári Island is no more, a serious market gap formed in Budapest, which attracted more downtown places, releasing the used football players, bouncers and the army of Milfs to the party district. But this is only a half of the audience.

The growing number of clubhipsters were also represented, as well as the day and night baseball cap-wearing party people. Maybe the former- mentioned ones enjoyed the most the Tesla, bcause they can find a right place after the closing of Dokk and the others. If the music line is continuing with artists like Clark, the prices will keep away people who are not wealthy enough for these kind of parties.

Tesla is foreign to the Hungarian club culture, it is too big, too impersonal, and the prices are higher than the ones of the Balaton Sound. However, the place can be attractive for those who prefer packaging to content, says.

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