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Budapest, April 25 (MTI) – Last year, fewer Hungarians emigrated to work abroad than in previous years but many young people still fancy their chances in another country, business daily Világgazdaság said on Tuesday.

Based on Central Statistical Office (KSH) data, the paper said 29,400 Hungarians emigrated last year, 10 percent less than in the previous year. At the same time, 17,000 Hungarians who had gone abroad in previous years returned to the country.

Most emigrants are young people: 45 percent were below the age of 30 while three quarters had not reached their 40th birthdays, the paper said.

Remittances last year from Hungarians who spent less than a year abroad came to 3 billion euros.


The KSH data also shows that around 153,000 foreigners live in Hungary permanently, 65 percent from Europe; mainly from Romania, Germany, Slovakia and Ukraine. Less than a third are from Asia, while small numbers come from Africa and the US.

Source: MTI

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