forint 20 thousands

The Democratic Coalition (DK) chairman of parliament’s budget committee has called for a special session of the body to be convened to discuss the “forint crisis”.

At a news conference on Tuesday, László Varju noted that

the Hungarian currency is at a “historic low”.

This means higher prices for fuel and retail goods, he said, adding that not only should ordinary people be concerned, but so should be companies and the government too.

The current weakness will affect the reading of the country’s public debt figures and could endanger the budget, he said.

Varju wants the head of the central bank, the finance minister and the head of the Debt Management Centre to give evidence at the special session.

He said the only long-term solution to the problem would be to adopt the euro as soon as possible. Until then, neither the public finances nor next year’s budget will be safe, he added.

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