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PM Viktor Orbán said in a previous interview that it would be very hard or almost impossible to travel to Hungary from September 1. A website collected all the important countries and the things everybody should know before they plan to travel to Hungary.

According to, the number of infections started to rise in Hungary at the end of summer probably because Hungarian and foreign tourists brought the virus into the country. Therefore, the government decided: nobody should travel in or out if that is not a must. They added that the new regulation would at least remain in effect until October.

The relevant government decree stated that no foreign citizen could cross the border of Hungary, but there are a lot of exceptions.

For example, citizens of the V4 countries (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland) can come to Hungary even in September if they booked accommodation for at least one day before September 1. However, they have to bring a Hungarian or English document stating that they did a COVID PCR test at least five days before entering the country and the result was negative.

That is what Czech PM Andrej Babis asked from PM Viktor Orbán during a meeting in Bled, Slovenia.

However, there are some further exceptions. For example, everybody making business trips, members of the military convoys, the transit traffic and those who work maximum 30 kilometres away from the Hungarian border are allowed to enter. Moreover, foreign athletes can come, as well. 

On the first Friday of September, the government decided about more exceptions. As a result,

sports fans and artists (e.g. trainers, masseurs, singers, bands etc. and their technical crew) can also come.

Business trips are also exceptions; everybody who is on such a trip can come to Hungary without any restrictions.

Hungarian citizens can come home from abroad if they have a Hungarian or English document stating that they have two negative COVID PCR tests (the difference in time should be 48 hours again)

from any Schengen member countries, the USA or Canada.

Interestingly, Hungarian citizens can travel in the neighbouring countries without any restrictions except for Ukraine, which closed its borders for one month in August.


  1. Sports fans? What a joke. Who makes these decisions, Homer Szimpszon?

  2. Thank you for this article. I am supposed to travel to Hungary in October for a fellowship, and it has been very unclear whether I will be able to enter the country. There is so much uncertainty for so many people.

  3. The rules are very simple: if the king likes you, you can enter, if he does not then you stay out.
    Are you a hunter? Welcome. Are you a football fan? Welcome. Are you a friend/family/fan of the king’s? Welcome. Otherwise, you stay out.
    This is how things work in the kingdom of Orbananas.

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