Budapest (MTI) – The “hate campaign” by the ruling Fidesz party can be overcome by joining forces, Anett Bosz, an executive of the Hungarian Liberal Party, said on Saturday.
“The Liberals are certain that by joining forces, we can tear down the fence of hate, which Fidesz erected not just on the border but between people as well,” Bosz said in a statement.She said the thousands of volunteers looking after refugees at reception camps “despite the government propaganda” was a sign that “the hate campaign can be overcome”. Bosz said the border fence was “inhumane, pointless, incites hatred and promotes segregation,” adding that “the government constantly lies about the reasons for and the legal consequences of its construction.”

“The claims that the fence would prevent anyone from crossing the border or that the government has no responsibilities pertaining to the refugees … in our country, are all lies,” she said. “Fidesz’s policies are all built on creating enemies, but it does not take into account the long-term effects of its campaign, because even if the refugees move on, the hate will still be here,” Bosz said. “It is our shared responsibility to recognise and to fight the hatemongering, as any of us could become victims of it,” she said.

Fidesz responded by saying that it rejects “the dangerous pro-immigration stance of the left,” adding that the border fence is meant to protect Hungary and Europe. Fidesz intends to preserve Hungary as Hungarian, the ruling party said. A statement by the party argued that without the border fence, Hungary would be defenceless against “the illegal migrant invasion”.

Fidesz said that other European politicians have admitted that the number of migrants entering Europe had previously been underestimated. “Hundreds of thousands of migrants are on their way to Hungary as we speak,” the statement said.

Photo: MTI


  1. Fence of “HATE”? Liberals and Lefties have got it so, so wrong in Hungary. Orbán Victor and the Ruling Party-Fidesz, are doing every thing in their power and capacity to safe guard the Hungarian people. There is no hate in the Ruling Party. On the contrary, they love their country and people. Have you ever lived with a massive population of migrants? No! I don’t think so. I am a brit, and have been living in Hungary for a few years now, and married to a most wonderfull Hungarian lady. I find the majority of Hungarians very pleasant, wonderfull, and loving people, and I wouldn’t change this country for any other.
    From 1970 I saw the first of many migrants invade Britain. Starting from Jamaica, then India, Pakistan and Kenya. After nearly 45 years, there are literally millions occupying the country, sponging off the state and showing their agressive manner towards the caucasian British. There is so much of a mixture of cultures that it is difficult in many areas of Britain to detect Brits from migrants. I am not a racialist, and I know the British people in Britain are not racialist, but it does not deter the feeling that people do not want their country be taken over by migrants. Why the EU made such crazy rules regarding migrants is a mistry. I do know though, that at the start of migration into Britain was in favour of votes for the Socialist Labour Party, and I detect a very similar thing here.
    Will someone please tell me why the left parties in this country, all the Socialist parties, JOBBIK, and the Liberals fight the common cause of the people, that is to bring Hungary back down on it’s knees where they were 25 years ago and even during the Socialist ruling period under Gyucsány and Balnai. The people in this country want democracy, well, the majority have expressed their wishes, so why do the opposition parties fight this wish and cause so much aggression and trouble against the present government? Liberals, will you be happy when migrants take over this beloved country of Hungary, and to allow them to step into parliament, and to push village dwellers out of their homes allowing migrants to build their own communities? Would you allow migrants to move into your homes, or worry the hell out of your families and children? No! I don’t think you would. You are all talk with no logical action. You and your Socialist counterparts are the liars and trouble causers in this country, not FIDDESZ. Allow a governing body that has intelligence and the capability to build this country’s needs and interests to do their job instead of hindering them. They are doing a splendid job, and deserve the credit due to them. So, I suggest you leave the FIDDESZ alone and let them get on with what they were elected for, “THE GOOD INTEREST OF THE HUNGARIAN PEOPLE”.

  2. As an outsider, I do not understand all of the ieological differences between the various politicl parties of Hungary, but I do know that when this liberal woman uses the term ‘hate’ with such reckless abandon, that SHE is the one doing the hating.
    To see the effects of indiscriminate assimilation of exotic, totally irreconcilable cultures, one has only to look to Germany, Sweden, or Britain. Are the Brits, Swedes, or Germans better off today than they were before they were drowned by this tidal wave of entitlement seekers? Let’s get honest!

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