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Budapest, January 5 (MTI) – Liberal Party leader Gábor Fodor said that cooperation between the “democratic” opposition parties, namely one without Jobbik, would be a must this year.

Interviewed by public Kossuth Radio on Thursday, Fodor said that such kind of cooperation was heralded by the ongoing run-up to the presidential election scheduled for spring.

Fodor welcomed the suggestion of a civil group that former ombudsman László Majtényi should be nominated for the post.

“It is a good proposal for a competitive candidate,” he said.

The Liberals recognise Majtényi’s achievements as an ombudsman and are aware of his commitment to the rule of law and the liberal values, he said.

Majtényi’s nomination could be a symbol of cooperation between the opposition parties and the civil sphere, which is anyway “in the crosshairs for the Orbán government”, Fodor said.

The opposition Socialist and Dialogue parties voiced support for the civil initiative earlier.

Source: MTI

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  1. “Liberals call for leftist oppostion cooperation”!! What is wrong with the political field these days? Political parties are formed to demonstrate their thoughts and actions on the best way to run a country for the people. Socialists are remnants of a gone by Communist regime, Liberals are supposed to be supporters of a countries laws and idiologies, but they are opposites and live by polical laws, Jobbik are racists and are classed as National Front movements, and Democrats live and rule by Constitutional law laid down and voted in by a government. If all these parties are not capable of running a country as individuals, then disband and leave it to those who know how.

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