Exit game? Room escape? Puzzle solving game? In the Hungarian capital, tourists are lining up to escape from a room, Claustrophilia became Budapest’s top tourist activity.

If you want some unforgettable memories and have a good time in the centre of the city, then go and play with your friends and get out in an hour from Lord Wicklewood crafty mystery surrounding apartment. The love of enclosure. And of course the catarsis what you feel when you are already out.

What’s this exactly?

Room escape is the transplantion of the well known adventure and point & click games into the reality, where the searching, the puzzle solving and the excitement remaines, but the experience becomes touchable and the place is real.

You need to find real objects, combine and use them with which across the dozens of logical and ability games you get nearer to the final puzzle which gives you the key to escape. You have one hour in this environment closed from everyday life, where the ancient surviving and problem solving instincts inside of you can revive. You need to work in team, watch every details, every hint in the rooms to accomplish the game. So you need to use your brain capacity on the maximum level, to push your limits and of course to feel all right behind the padlocks.

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Source: http://claustrophilia.hu/

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