Budapest, November 4 (MTI) – The green opposition LMP party has lodged a request for data in the public interest concerning whether or not the pro-government civil COF organisation has received public money.

The party’s co-leader, Bernadett Szel, said in a statement that suspicion had been raised that the COF, which has mounted several large public demonstrations in support of the government, had received public money.

LMP asked whether COF and two supermarket chains had got government payments as part of their strategic cooperation deal with the farm ministry.

If it turns out that the COF did indeed receive taxpayer money, it can be assumed that this was the government’s way of repaying the organisation for its highly visible support.

COF, in response, said on Tuesday that their strategic cooperation agreement with the farm ministry did not include providing any state funds to the organisation. COF has not received any state money, it said in a statement. What the agreement stipulates is voluntary work to be done by both sides for the advancement of rural Hungary, COF said, adding that it has posted the agreement with the farm ministry on its website.

The farm ministry also said in response that it had not provided any state funding to COF. It said it concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with COF which does not involve the transfer of funds at all.


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