(MTI) – Some 100,000 activists of ruling Fidesz will be on their feet mobilising voters during the last week of the campaign before the Oct.12 local elections, the party’s managing deputy leader said on Sunday.

What is at stake at the ballot is a mandate for continuing the utility fee cuts and defending the process of settling refunds owed retail borrowers by banks, Lajos Kosa told a press conference in Budapest.

He asked voters to elect local leaders who are ready to cooperate and who can become involved with the implementation of the country’s planned economic development programme under which 60 percent of EU development funding will be used to support SMEs.

The Oct.12 ballot will be an event closing “the big election year” in Hungary, after which attention can be focused on implementing “the programme we have agreed on with the people”, he said.

The aim is to keep economic growth at least at present levels and ensure the employment of over 5 million people, he said.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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