Local Election


Surprising: Orbán’s ‘yacht orgy mayor’ wants to run for office again

Scandalous mayor running for office again in Győr? #Hungary #scandal #Borkai

Government to change election rules in Hungary considerably

According to a draft amendment submitted by the government to parliament's legislative committee, election rules will change in Hungary #Hungary #government #election #dailynewshungary #parliament

Two-thirds victory for the opposition in Jászberény

Opposition candidate Lóránt Budai won a huge victory in Sunday's by-election in Jászberény:

LMP official challenges Karácsony’s view on opposition woes

"Gergely Karácsony, the mayor of Budapest, has got his analysis of the opposition's election woes wrong"

Budapest by-elections yield 3 ruling party, 1 opposition victory

The opposition candidates could appeal to opposition voters in few places

How much money did FIDESZ spend on Facebook advertisements?

Can you guess? #hungary #dailynewshungary #fidesz

Did EU citizens decide the outcome of the 2019 Hungarian local elections?

We looked at the maths! #Hungary #EU #EuropeanUnion

UPDATE – foreign press flooded by Győr Mayor’s sex and drug scandal

"Hungary has her own Ibiza scandal." #election #Hungary #scandal #Győr

Kósa steps down from ministerial post

He would not continue his work as a #minister but head ruling #Fidesz's local council #election campaign next year #Hungary #Hungarian

PM Orbán to continue centralizing local governments?

If Fidesz wins super-majority in April they will continue to centralize the local government system of Hungary – according to press #hungary #hungarian #localgovernments #orbán #fidesz

Hungarian cooperation at the Romanian local elections?

According to kronika.ro, the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) considers a “real cooperation”, if the candidates of the Transylvanian Hungarian People’s Party (EMNP) run […]

Jobbik Wins Mayoral Seat in Repeat Local Ballot in NE Hungary Ózd

Budapest, November 9 (MTI) – The candidate of radical nationalist Jobbik, David Janiczak, won the repeat ballot for mayor in the city of Ozd in north-eastern […]

Jobbik Holds Demonstration Ahead of Repeat Vote in Ózd

Budapest, November 7 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party held a demonstration on Friday in preparation for the forthcoming repeat vote for the mayor of […]

Local elections – FVB reverses local committee’s decision to repeat ballot in E Budapest suburb

(MTI) – The municipal election committee (FVB) on Monday reversed a decision by the election committee of Budapest’s district 15, which had suspected election fraud and […]

Orban: Election Win Confirms “Nation-Based” Policies to Follow – Opposition Response

Budapest, October 13 (MTI) – Sunday’s election victory has confirmed that the governing parties must continue to pursue policies which are “nation-based”, and follow ideas of […]

Local Elections – Jobbik’s Vona Hails “Significant Achievement”

Budapest (MTI) – Gabor Vona, head of radical nationalist Jobbik, said late on Sunday that his party had notched up a significant achievement in the local […]

Local Elections – Results for Budapest Mayor with 99.3 pc of Votes Counted

Budapest (MTI) – Candidates for Budapest mayor have garnered the following percentage of votes with 99.3 percent of all votes counted, the National Election Office reported: […]

Local Elections – Orban: “Third Win” in the Bag

Budapest (MTI) – “With our success in the local elections, we have our third win,” while in Budapest “we have more than a two-thirds,” Prime Minister […]

Local Elections – Tobias: No More Compromises

Budapest, October 12 (MTI) – Socialist Party leader Jozsef Tobias, assessing the outcome of the local elections, declared that his party would no longer be willing […]

Local Elections – Orban: “Third Win” in the Bag Amid Low Turnout

Budapest, October 13 (MTI) – “With our success in the local elections, we have our third win,” while in Budapest “we have more than a two-thirds,” […]