According to, the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) considers a “real cooperation”, if the candidates of the Transylvanian Hungarian People’s Party (EMNP) run on their list at the local elections. At least this opinion can be concluded from Hunor Kelemen’s declaration made after the meeting with EMNP Chairman Zsolt Szilágyi on Thursday.

The RMDSZ Chairman thinks that the Romanian law does not allow a Hungarian party to register in Romania – which was the proposal of EMNP – and also told that a step like that could endanger the whole Hungarian advocacy. The Article 9 of the law on municipal elections allows minority organizations only to run under their own names and logo at the elections.

Hunor Kelemen stated that this idea would risk the whole Hungarian local governmental representation, because the court could annul their list. However, RMDSZ is open to other collaborative opportunities. For example, EMNP candidates could run on the list of RMDSZ, but they could keep their party membership and identity, like 4 years earlier.

He thinks the creation of an electoral coalition unworkable. EMNP proposed that the politicians who got elected should return to their original parties after the elections, but Kelemen draw attention to how it is prohibited by law to change party during a mandate, reported.

The RMDSZ leader thinks the establishment of a new party until the deadline, April 20, to be impossible. Kelemen hopes that the EMNP remains in the Marosvasarhely cooperation. That means that Zoltán Soós, the winner of the Hungarian pre-election, can be the joint candidate of the three Hungarian political forces.

Photo: Kelemen Hunor/Wikimedia Commons

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