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Election 2018 – Orbán: ‘Soros empire’ must be forced out of Hungary

Election 2018 – Orbán: ‘Soros empire’ must be forced out of Hungary

The primary task before Hungary over the coming years will be to force the “Soros empire” out of the country, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told local television in Komárom-Esztergom county’s Kisbér on Wednesday.

At stake in the April 8 general election is whether Hungary will have a national government or whether candidates representing US financier George Soros will get to form a government, Orbán said.

Hungary is a valuable country, he said. “There are others who want to get their hands on it, too, especially now that the country was a transit route for the mass migrant wave coming from the south,” the prime minister added.

“But Hungary protected itself with its border fence and halted the migration wave.”

Orbán said there were organisations — mainly ones tied to “the empire of George Soros — that were working to dismantle the border fence and turn Hungary into an “immigrant country”.

“If we become an immigrant country, then migrants and George Soros’s plans will be given priority instead of Hungary’s interests,” he insisted. “But we want those to remain in majority for whom Hungary comes first. This requires a national government.”

Orbán expressed hope that Hungarians living in villages and small towns will see the significance of this issue. Small towns are also crucial for Hungary’s future, he said.

What is really at stake in the election is whether the government will get to spend public funds on villages and small towns or will have to spend them on building “an immigrant country”, Orbán said.

Source: MTI

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