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Veszprém, 2018. február 8. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök beszédet mond a Megyei Jogú Városok Szövetségének 51. közgyûlésén a veszprémi polgármesteri hivatalban 2018. február 8-án. MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

Hungary’s voters have two options, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview to local broadcaster Miskolc TV on Thursday. Either it can vote in a national government or Soros’s people will form one.

The recent elections in Europe and the upcoming Italian one revolves around a single issue, namely migration. This is also the case in Hungary, so this key issue “deserves thoughtful consideration”, he said.

He said migrants inevitably ended up in big cities like Miskolc and formed ghettos there, where no-go zones and parallel societies emerged with all the difficulties of coexistence that arise in such circumstances.

“You have to decide on something that is a one-way street; if you’re wrong, you can’t fix it…” he said

Referring to the recent by-election in the southern town of Hódmezővásárhely, where the combined opposition won in an upset for the ruling Fidesz party, the prime minister said there was no reason to be afraid but it was necessary to understand what the result signified. He said it was a “wake-up call”.

“For the sake of the future, we need to work together…” he said.

Political pacts had been concluded quietly in the background, he said. These would continue and the people party to them would promote Brussels’s policies based on the “Soros Plan”, he insisted.

“In the end, there are two options: a pro-immigration candidate or one opposed to it,” he added.

On the topic of the role of EU funds, Orbán said he always found it interesting “that when the country finally gets its act together, it turns out that it’s not thanks to the country’s efforts but down to EU funds.”

He said EU resources amounted 4 billion euros each year, while the country’s output was over 110 billion. The budget had been designed to take up EU funding and make the best use of it, the PM said.

Hungary’s progress “is due to the work of Hungarian people,” he said. “In the past 3.6 million had jobs and now 4.4 million work, and while there were 1.8 million taxpayers in the past now there are 4.4 million. This success belongs to us…” he said.

Orbán said the EU had no legal basis for linking funding to migrant quotas and the seven-year EU budget is adopted with a unanimous vote. He vowed to fight Brussels on this point.

The prime minister said he had visited the local football stadium, which he called the city’s heartland.

He noted the government’s Modern Cities investment scheme, saying this programme was the first he could recollect that focused on life in Hungary’s big rural cities. He added that in 2010 the city’s jobless rate had been stuck at 12 percent and now it was below 5 percent.

Source: MTI

  1. Florida student protesters – A Soros backed front
    We have seen numerous instances of George Soros-backed ‘activist’ groups paying people to disrupt conservative gatherings, stage violent protests, block roads and threaten and attack anyone who even remotely appears to support the president. We have seen their ads on Craigslist. We have seen supposedly opposing groups arriving on the same buses, staying in the same hotels and eating at the same diners. We know that Soros has done the same thing in country after country: Russia, Egypt, Hungary, South-America, Turkey, Venezuela and over the last two years in the United States. Now we have reason to believe that the student anti-gun protests that CNN is so anxious to cover and support may be another stage-managed, Democrat controlled, Soros-backed red-herring.
    We are being told that children without historical knowledge that disarmament of a people is always a predicate for tyranny -that if we own a gun, support the 2nd Amendment or agree with any NRA stances- then we are to blame for the deaths at the Parkland, Florida high school. We are being told that if we think they are misled then we hate children and want them to die. This is no mincing of words. This is the message the left is shoving down our necks. It is an embarrassment to human intelligence and it is a shameless slap in the face of dedicated parents who own guns to protect their homes from criminal invasion.
    What we have noticed about the student protests is that they bear several markers in common with the other known Soros funded protests like the Women’s March. For one thing, they appear with large professionally made signs and accouterments overnight. We are meant to believe that whole groups of ordinary people living ordinary lives, working to pay rent and mortgages and with busy family lives, all made uniform signs and banners in one night. Many ranking Democrats may have printing presses in their basements, but you can be sure that dozens of Florida families do not. It is an insult to our intelligence. You will remember the huge number of ‘pussy’ hats that appeared on the streets of Washington for Trump’s inauguration. Anyone who knows anything about crocheting knows one of those hats takes at least six hours to produce. And there were thousands of them on the streets of Washington DC overnight. The facts of the Florida shooting case are very disturbing. It turns out that Nikolas Cruz was on anti-psychotic medication. Police had been called concerning him on several occasions but they NEVER responded. He had shot a chicken with a handgun. He had held a gun to a person’s head. He had made regular violent threats to his fellow students and his neighbours. He regularly posted images of guns and other weapons on social media and boasted about using them to commit violence.
    Most outstandingly, he commented on a YouTube channel saying that he wanted to become a professional school shooter. The owner of the channel reported the comment to the FBI, who said they could not identify the person who made the comment. This, despite the fact that Cruz never used pseudonyms online and always used his own name. It gets worse. The police who arrived on the scene of the shooting, as well as the armed guard, waited outside the school and did not enter while the shooting went on. They made excuses. So, while law enforcement failed on EVERY level to stop this vile killer, it is responsible gun owners and law-abiding citizens who only want the ability to protect their homes and families who are blamed. Them and the NRA.
    At a public town hall, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, who made these points, was called a murderer over the sound of people shouting ‘burn her’ on live TV. These highly suspicious student protesters and their spokespeople are making these intensely irresponsible, emotion-based pleas for gun control in spite of all these glaringly important facts to the case. Perhaps, most glaringly, one of the teen survivors of the shooting, Colton Haab, said CNN gave him a script to read while on camera and had no interest in his personal thoughts on the shooting. We have a police stand down order during an active school shooting, a systemic failure of law enforcement to stop someone who was a clear threat, a media pity-based blitz to shame 2nd Amendment supporters. It is all too coordinated, too directed at our ability to protect ourselves, all too historically similar to Nazi Germany’s work to disarm the Jews. Hand over your guns, they say… hand over your guns while the police do nothing to stop criminals. It is a propagandistic gun grab, as plain and simple as they come.
    Written by the American Liberty Report

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