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Budapest, 2018. február 15. Lázár János, a Miniszterelnökséget vezetõ miniszter szokásos heti sajtótájékoztatóját tartja az Országházban 2018. február 15-én. MTI Fotó: Bruzák Noémi

After the April 8 parliamentary elections, the new government will be formed either by current Prime Minister Viktor Orbán or the followers of billionaire George Soros, the government office chief said on Thursday.

At stake in the elections is “whether we can protect the country from migration” or not, János Lázár said at his regular press briefing.

The ruling alliance of Fidesz-KDNP has done everything it could in recent years to protect the country and represent the national interest by, for instance, building a fence on the border. The prime minister and Fidesz are protecting Hungarian sovereignty in the most credible way, he said.

Commenting on the recent victory of an independent candidate supported by the opposition parties at the local election in Hódmezővásárhely, he said the era of competing was over and an era of cooperation would follow.

The local Fidesz group is ready to participate in efforts to build the city, said Lázár, who is also an MP representing the region and a former mayor of the town near the southern border of Hungary.

In response to a question, he said he had never abandoned a fight and would continue his efforts to win voters’ confidence as an individual candidate in the general election. He said his message to opponents was: “There will be more János Lázár, not less.”

In response to a question querying whether he would change the ruling parties’ campaign communication in the light of the results in Hódmezővásárhely, he said he would not.

Commenting on public lighting projects recently reviewed by the European Commission and the European Anti-Fraud Office OLAF, he said the latter had completed its review and had sent its findings to the government and the public prosecutor’s office. The cabinet has responded to the comments and the development ministry’s managing body has refuted every item on the OLAF list, he said. The European Commission has not found Hungary at fault so far, he said, adding that Brussels will submit questions and Hungary will respond to them within the specified deadline.

Referring to a recent attack on the headquarters of the Hungarian Cultural Federation in Transcarpathia (KMKSz) in Uzhhorod (Ungvár), Lázár said

the Hungarian government will not tolerate the intimidation of a single ethnic Hungarian in Transcarpathia.

He confirmed that the cabinet had decided to pay the cost of repairing the damage. He also said the government was concerned because this was the second serious attack against ethnic Hungarians in western Ukraine in the past month.

Commenting on the extreme cold weather, he said the utilisation of homeless shelters is at around 90 percent and Hungary’s gas reserves are sufficient even if the cold weather continues. There is around 2.3 billion cubic metres of natural gas in the reserves which is sufficient for up to 100 days.

In response to a question about plans to build a tennis stadium on Margaret Island, he said the government would not support building on the island based on the current plans, even if this meant not holding the world championships in 2019. The government will not allow Margaret Island “to be sacrificed”, he added.

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