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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s views on European issues – Part 2

"The EU does not have to let in Afghan migrants [...] Europe should help the countries of that region cope with the burden of Afghan migrants" - he said. 🇪🇺↔️🇭🇺 #europeanunion #migration #afghanistan #brussels #germany #czechrepublic #georgesoros #hungary #dailynewshungary

Fidesz slams EC rule of law report as ‘political blackmail’

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"Brussels was using this frivolous and biased document" to call Hungary to account for its own ideological expectations"

Soros behind attack on Hungary’s media record, says minister

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"George Soros is behind fresh attacks on Hungary's government over its record on media freedom"

Government: George Soros avoided paying taxes

George Soros CEU Hungarian
Csaba Dömötör, a state secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, on Friday hit back at US financier George Soros for “insulting Hungary”, citing US media reports […]

George Soros wants to attack Hungary through NATO?

The Hungarian national media is known for extreme reaches, but this time it is exceptionally out of pocket. #politics #Hungary #Soros #Nato #media

Gestapo-like terror of Jews and their Hungarian saviours

Lóversenypálya 1944
Who are the real, actual heroes of war? #Hungary #war #SecondWorldWar