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Altogether 82 percent of Hungarians support Hungary’s border fence and just under 80 percent oppose the European Union’s migrant quota scheme, according to a fresh survey by the Nézőpont Institute.

The survey found that the border fence also has strong support among the voters of the opposition parties.

Fully 85 percent of the supporters of Jobbik approved of the fence, as did 74 percent of LMP’s, 65 percent of the Democratic Coalition’s and 49 percent of the Socialist Party’s voters.

On average, 63 percent of opposition voters agree with the government on the EU’s migrant quota scheme. Among Jobbik supporters, 76 percent reject it, compared with 65 percent of LMP’s, 50 percent of DK’s and 46 percent of the Socialists’ supporters.

Nézőpont also found that 68 percent of Hungarians believe that of Hungary’s political parties, ruling Fidesz is the most strongly opposed to immigration. Fully 53 percent of the survey’s respondents said that there were opposition parties that are pro-migration.

Nézőpont also surveyed the other three Visegrad Group countries — the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia — for their support for Hungary’s border fence.

It found that 60 percent of Poles and Slovaks and 55 percent of Czechs had friends and acquaintances who support the fence.

Nézőpont conducted the phone poll of 1,000 people in Hungary between March 9 and 14. It surveyed 1,000 people in each of the V4 countries between Jan. 18 and Feb. 13.

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Source: MTI

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  1. Attempts by the EU to return unsuccessful asylum seekers fails! If it was not so serious, you would almost laugh about th e actions of the EU-useless and say ‘quiet but it will all be fine, just go to bed, Tomorrow is another day!’ That sleep will be successful for a while, but as the now just published figures show, the EU sees an opportunity to send back only 40% of the rejected fortune-seekers (parasites) to their country of origin. For years, the people in Brussels have been striving to improve the return of migrants without a right of residence in Europe. However, the success of these efforts is equals zero as European countries depend on cooperation between countries of origin. According to the European Commission, up to 500,000 third-country nationals who are irregularly staying in the EU receive a good payment each year. However, only 40% of this is actually returned. That is what the EU wants to change now! This announcement also makes you burst out laughing, again when the situation would not be that bad and sad.
    The European Commission now wants to use the visa policy as a lever: For example, the Schengen visa code will be be provided with a new mechanism that subjects the issuing of visas to stricter conditions if a country does not cooperate sufficiently with the takeover of migrants. According to the proposals submitted by EU Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopou-los on 14.03.2018, the Commission will regularly evaluate cooperation between third countries. Moreover, EU countries in Brussels may have to complain if a country that would have to take back their own countrymen does not comply with this rule. In real language: if a country does not cooperate in not accepting returned citizens in their country, then the EU threatens visa sanctions; in other words, residents of the affected country can count on problems with obtaining a visa. . It also wants to shorten the duration of the visa and so diplomats can also be reached.
    But during a discussion that the EU will have a week in Niger, one also wants to talk about a reduction of the development funds to be dumped in a bottomless pit, although there is no agreement in Brussels. The African countries, however, see the situation differently. Despite the fact that there are millions of rejected asylum seekers in the EU, this opportunity every year sees millions of euros being returned to their fa-miles, which are lagging behind in Africa or the Middle East. It is well known that especially young men in the age group of between 18 and 30 seek salvation in the EU, knowing that they do not stand a chance of asylum, but are still earning money through illegal trade or crime.
    We are talking about Turkey, which received the first € 3 billion to make Syric asylum seekers in their country as pleasant as possible and not to send them back. Despite the fact that the inflow has decreased slightly, Brussels is now working on giving a green light for payment of the second installment of € 3 billion. All in all, therefore, a hopeless situation that does not improve because in Brussels and the EU Member States there are still rules and laws dating from just after WW II, when there were real refugees who had to be admitted. Now this situation is completely different, but the NGOs that profit fully from the refugee crisis and that earn capital, besides the churches and the left-wing Gutmenschen, is fighting the beer quay to come up with a whiff of real solution.
    Solutions, such as those of the Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán or as proposed by Donald Trump: simply good border surveillance, if necessary with the risk of armed intervention against those who believe they can enter illegally. If there are no concrete measures, Europe will come into a situation in the foreseeable future, as we can already see in parts of Sweden, Germany or in its own Rotterdam or Hague ghettos, where the law of the strongest rules prevails and the police. let it know so that you are left to your fate. And count on it that no one of those sick and weird complainants will come to help you when it comes to those pathetic asylum seekers. It is fot this reason that many people in Europe support Hungary and its brave Prime Minister Orbän Viktor!

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