Tusványos to be held again after two years, Orbán to attend

Tusványos, one of the largest Hungarian festivals in the Carpathian Basin in Szeklerland

Romanian and Hungarian ice hockey players sang together the Szekler national anthem!

The Romanian political elite reacted with outrage...

Romania Hungarians to declare nationality in census, says RMDSZ

"If the Romanian state sees Hungarians in Romania as a robust community, it will have a different approach to them"

Transylvanian Hungarians support Orbán cabinet policies, says RMDSZ leader Kelemen

"Hungarians living beyond the borders, including in Transylvania, support the government's policies for their communities" #rmdsz #udmr #romania #szeklerland #transylvania #hungary

Bilateral relations between Hungary and Romania are the best in ten years, says FM Szijjártó in Szeklerland – UPDATE

Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó has encouraged dual Romanian-Hungarian citizens to cast their ballot in Hungary’s parliamentary election set for April 3, and pledged the government’s continued […]

Being Hungarian should be “advantage”

"Many ethnic Hungarians in neighbouring countries had to live with the drawback of being Hungarian for long decades"

RMDSZ leader: Hungary-Romania ties ‘full of untapped potential’

Romania's #government should recognise that cooperation with #Hungary would also benefit its own citizens ?????

‘Ties as good as possible with Romania in Hungary’s interest’, says FM

Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania will be part of the country's next coalition #government ?????

Hungary MEPs urge stronger EC support for protection of national minorities

"The EC should take specific steps to support the continent's ethnic minority groups" #minority #safepack

Hungary has vested interest in close EU-US cooperation, says foreign minister

"Hungary has a vested interest in close cooperation between the EU and the US"

Romania’s main opposition Social Democratic Party leads in parliamentary election ?

Congratulations #RMDSZ - Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania!

Politicians encourage Hungarians’ voting in Romanian election

"It is not just those living in #Romania who should vote but also the hundreds of thousands or millions in the #diaspora" ????

Stronger RMDSZ presence in Romania parliament would help bilateral ties, says Hungarian FM in Szeklerland

???? "I'd like to think that my Romanian colleagues also believe that an economically more prosperous Transylvanian Szekler Hungarian community is in Romania's interest as much as it is in Hungary's"

PM’s Office urges ethnic Hungarians to participate in Romania elections

"Our interests lie in a strong and confident #Romania; one that respects the national #minority" ????

Romania’s parliamentary elections: Mobilising Hungarians to vote ‘big task’, says official

Romania's parliamentary elections set for December 6

Fidesz MEPs laud Hungarian results in Romania municipal elections

The city of Targu Mures/Marosvásárhely has an ethnic Hungarian mayor again!

European Commission proposes 6 month expansion for Szekler Council minority petition

@EU_Commission's proposal would make it possible for further European citizens to support the initiative @JuditVarga_EU #szeklerland

Romanian government loses censure motion

Romanian Orban cabinet loses censure motion, details

European Commission registers Minority SafePack initiative signatures

The initiative will also be debated in the #EuropeanParliament #safepack #fuen #rmdsz #hungary #romania

Hungary, Romania would benefit from closer ties, says Minister Szijjártó

Closer ties between Hungary and Romania would benefit both countries and central Europe as a whole, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said in Arad, in western […]