Úz-valley military cemetery Szeklerland
Mostly drunk Romanian nationalists trying to attack Hungarians praying at the front of the cemetery. Photo: MTI

They broke into and desecrated the WWII cemetery where Hungarian, German and Austrian soldiers rest, smashed several wooden crosses that marked the memory of fallen Hungarian heroes and beat up Hungarians protecting the cemetery with flagpoles and rods torn from the fence. Meanwhile, the Romanian gendarmerie did almost nothing; nobody was taken into custody yet because of what had happened, and the Romanian ambassador in Budapest refused to show up in the Hungarian foreign ministry and give an explanation as to what happened and why due to a higher order.

“Out with the Hungarians from the country!”

According to the newsletter of the Mikó Imre Minority Rights Legal Services Assistance, close to a thousand civilians and public personalities from Szeklerland formed a human chain around the military cemetery in the Úz Valley yesterday afternoon in order to inhibit Romanians from unlawfully breaking into the common graveyard, where the bodies of Austrian, German and Hungarian soldiers rest. Meanwhile, Romanian groups demanding the opening of the cemetery gate shouted

out with the Hungarians from the country!”,

sang irredentist songs and yelled at Hungarians.

Hungarian military cemetery Szeklerland Romanian nationalists
The Hungarians were peacefully praying… Photo: MTI

The  Romanian crowd was strongly influenced by alcohol and revolted then climbed on the fence, broke the cemetery gate, smashed several wooden crosses that marked the memory of Hungarian heroes, beat up Hungarians with flagpoles and rods torn from the fence, causing enormous damage both in a moral and physical sense. The Romanian authorities quickly lost control over the happenings, though Romanian foreign minister Teodor Meleșcanu previously promised his Hungarian counterpart that

they would do everything to prevent provocations

and physical abuse towards local Hungarians. However, though Romanian authorities were present at the scene, they were not able or would not like to protect the Hungarians, and yet, nobody has been arrested, and nobody has been taken into custody because of what happened.

Hungarian military cemetery Szeklerland Romanian nationalists
The start of the attack. Photo: MTI

The Romanian ambassador refused to give an explanation

Furthermore, representatives of Romanian political organisations also took part in the event, radicalising the civilians and sharing abusing texts against Hungarians on social media. Meanwhile, Hungarians were praying, and a lot of them even burst into tears because of what happened.

Osszuk meg, vigyék a hírt, az igazságot!!!A Román Csendőrség hazudik, amikor azt állítja, hogy “nem történt agresszió csütörtökön az úzvölgyi temetőnél sem a résztvevők, sem pedig a résztvevők és a rendvédelmi szervek képviselői között” hozzátéve, hogy a fakeresztek összetörésével kapcsolatban az első vizsgálatok alapján „nem észleltek ilyen elemeket”.NE HAZUDJANAK, NE FERDÍTSÉK A VALÓSÁGOT!Az alábbi videóban is jól látszik, hogy mit műveltek!Ami ma történt, egy civilizációs kérdés, hiszen miközben mi imádkoztunk a hőseinkért, a jövőnkért, a 8-10-szeres túlerőben levő feltüzelt, részeg emberek pedig, mint a rabló tolvajok, hátulról betörtek a temetőbe, összetörték a sírkereszteket, összetörték a temetőkaput.Holnap is felkel a Nap, és újraépítjük a temetőt és a kaput is.

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Tamás Sándor‎‏ في الخميس، ٦ يونيو ٢٠١٩

Hunor Kelemen, president of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ), condemned the incident from Úz Valley and called the destruction of the cemetery a barbaric act. He said that the Hungarians did not provoke anyone but formed a human chain to protect the memory of their ancestors. He added that the

Romanian news televisions should put an end to misinformation and incitement

because it only leads to further conflicts. He also asked the Prime Minister to replace the Minister of Internal Affairs and the prefect of Harghita county, both of whom were responsible for letting such severe atrocities to take place.

Hungarian military cemetery Szeklerland Romanian nationalists
Most of the Romanians were drunk. Photo: MTI

According to MTI, Romania’s ambassador to Hungary has been summoned to the foreign ministry to account for what had happened but refused to comply, citing conflicting orders. On a press conference today, state Secretary Levente Magyar said about the refusal that it is “below all courtesy and friendship” and

Romania has refused an opportunity for dialogue.

In fact, the ministry already issued a diplomatic note of protest yesterday. Magyar added that Hungary still has a vested interest in a correct and good relationship with Romania to ensure the peaceful coexistence of Hungarians and Romanians.

Both government parties and Hungarian opposition parties Jobbik – Movement for a Better Hungary and Our Home Movement condemned the vandal destruction of the cemetery. The Romanian foreign ministry issued a statement today in which they would like their Hungarian counterpart to send a clear message towards Hungarians living in Romania to put an end to boosting further tensions. Thus, it is clear that the

Romanian government blames Hungarians for what happened yesterday.


Here is a video on what Romanian nationalists did in the cemetery after occupying it:

The antecedents

In fact, the local administration of the village of Dărmănești/Dormánfalva appropriated illegally the Hungarian military cemetery located in neighbouring Harghita county earlier this year. This is because a law from 1968 clearly states that the valley belongs to Sânmartin/ Csíkszentmárton, a Hungarian village in Harghita county, instead of Dărmănești/Dormánfalva, a Romanian settlement in Bacău county. The situation has worsened considerably after several Hungarians were taken in for questioning by the police, while the local administration of Dărmănești/Dormánfalva that illegally put up concrete crosses and monuments in the cemetery has still not been brought to account.

Árpád Antal, the president of the Szekler Council of Local Representatives, declared then that “we, Transylvanian Hungarians, are citizens with full rights of both Europe and Romania, and we do not accept to be treated as second-class citizens in our homeland. Asking for the situation of the military cemetery in Valea Uzului/Úz-völgye to be settled, for the violation of the rights of our community to cease and for those responsible to be brought to justice is a legitimate demand, one that we will not give up.” 

On the 16th of May, an unknown group of people covered the crosses that had been illegally put up by the local government of Dărmănești/Dormánfalva with black sacks. Although members of the Hungarian community immediately removed the sacks, and the Szekler Council of Local Representatives qualified the act as an obvious provocation, distancing themselves from both the persons committing the act, as well as the act itself, the Romanian media and some politicians took the opportunity to initiate a hate campaign against Hungarians.

The cemetery located in Valea Uzului/Úz-völgye (Valley of Uz) was the site of several battles during World War II. In fact, many Hungarian and German, but no Romanian soldiers are buried there. The cemetery has come to be almost like a place of pilgrimage, not only for Hungarians living in Transylvania but for all Hungarians.
















Source: Mikó Imre Jogvédelmi Szolgálat newsletter, MTI, alfahir.hu

  1. Congratulations Romania, another perfect example why no one in the west will ever respect the nation or people. You showed yourselves to be an embarrassing bunch of drunk intolerant racist extremists. Great job!

  2. It is time for Victor Orban to arm all Hungarians patriots and take back the lands stolen from Hungary in Trianon, starting with Erdely.

  3. You Hungarian scum will never again rule Transylvania! Time to learn humility!

  4. This article is one sided. “In fact, many Hungarian and German, but no Romanian soldiers are buried there.”
    Incorrect. There is AT LEAST ONE romanian soldier burried there.
    I do agree that the romanian crowd missbehaved. But the first one was a gypsy and the rest of them were drunk idiots who were brought there with a single purpose: to cause strife. There was also the former leader of the romanian gendarmerie who ordered them to beat and gas the romanian protesters back in 10 August 2018. Everything is just a charade. And both sides are guilty. I do agree that romanians were guiltier this time. But the hungarians were not that innocent either!

  5. 1919 Romanian Army took over Budapest. Trianon was signed in 1920. If it wasn’t for Trianon Romania would have 2 capitals city. So Hungarian should thank Trianon. Kosovo je Sribije. John Woods paid from Hungarian Government to write on side story.

  6. Actually, this article is a lie. The truth is the following. The hungayrian population refused to allow entry to a few Romanians who wanted to pay their respects to the Romanian soldiers hurried there. In fact, a few days before the unrest, hungayrians covered in black plastic bags the crosses of the Romanian soldiers hurried in the cemetery. This sparked a movement. Some Romanians wanted to enter the cemetery to “free” the crosses by unwrapping the plastic bags, but the Hungayrians locked the gate to the cemetery. More Romanians came and a scandal ensued. Let me remind something these hungayrian nationalists. Respect the laws of Romania or suffer the consequences. Period.

  7. Extremely interesting is how the West (sustained fictitiously/ferociously and politically motivated by some in the European Union and others (Russia – Hungary, somehow the Russians can get their hands on… in everything they want) by a simple meddling implication and their instigation was/is exported politically and sensibly all over the world.

    They didn’t/don’t like the relationship (association) of The Wallacians = Ancient Romans, which is not of their like for long time (some more than 100 years or so), a known condition or fallacy embraced by those of the the North (mainly Germans and Austrians helped and solidified by the Hungarians (The Brotherhood, as antes) and sometimes by the Russians (who felt/feel very intensively the love for the so called Slavs, their pseudo brethren) and exported to East and South of Europe and other places, situation initiated by those I mentioned before who made it a classic ( Hitler/Himmler approach of the so called superiority of the “ARYAN RACE”) “artistic” initiative. They (The West = Germans,Austrians,Hungary and followers…Rusia (SLAVS OF ALL KINDS IMPLICATES HERE SUCH AS RUSSIA AND THE MOST IMPORTANT = SERVIA ,Hungary is right there) are equateting Romania = Gypsies. (Very faintly and infrequently and distorted in the same time for obvious reasons, they think (….They teach others the FALSE History of themselves) that the Nordics (Blondes) are the Civilizers of the world and the Romanians must be (by their definition) the Gypsies aka ROM, ROMA, ROMANI (not the ANCIENT ROMANS – Volsci as it is vividly described by the ANCIENTS and MIDDLE AGES VIP’s such Popes,Byzantine Emperors, etc.

    I guess the Nordics (Germany, Austria (sometimes Hungary – just for diversity “implicated by conjunctional necessity”), Sweden, Norway, Denmark and even Finland will tell us all about the Blondes and their real “Royal HISTORY.”)…will be mature enough (in time) to say who they really were/are. In time…it will happen. I hope they don’t try to sing the old song…”we the BLNADIES of the North created the CIVILIZATION in Europe and more… (these guys (German DRIVEN) are right there with the Egyptians,Trojans,Greeks,Romans etc…all of those according to them were influenced by THEIR (Germanic Blondes) ‘know how” of A HIGHER CIVILIZATION… (The Aryan Race) that of the Germans and other nordics.

    You got to be a little bit on the side of Hitler to believe that (or more – it depends of the audience some how). Those AUDIENCE…as they say…the west

    Also, very interesting is the fact that the European Union (controlled in many aspects by Germans, Austrians and the auxiliary Hungarians = over 100 million people) forced (influenced) everybody in EU (all it’s member states) to call the Gypsies = Rom, Roma, Romani instead of Gypsies , the way they (Gypsies) call themselves all over the world and the way all the world call/know them is Gypsy). I was wondering as always, WHY make this change, so fast and so indicative and so bewildered?

    And by the way there is a new movie coming up …by the name of “ROMA”
    Interesting right? (2019)

    Note: That’s why (probably) BRITAIN (An Empire of the rich who conquered only the bush people) wants out of EU…Too many GERMANS and affiliates and too much influence…

    That was a discrete prerequisite (initiated by the Germans and associates – Hungary and Russia somehow are right there with their known influence) for the Romanians to be accepted in the European Union where they (Romanians) must accept the new name of the Gypsies, that of Rom, Roma,Romani or else…

    And the Romanians through Iliescu,President of Romania ( A Neo – Communist with deep Bolsevic roots) accepted the offer from the so called “The European Union” ( Germany mastermind there as usual – Remember WWI and WWII and the payment for Lenin of 10 million dollars – implying the death of over 100 million people (as a result of the Communist takeover of half of the world ) where the Gypsies should be called “Rom”, “Roma”, “Romani”, so to create a confusion with Rome and Romania and Romansh of Switzerland?

    Note: According to R. J. Rummel’s book Death by Government (1994), about 110 million people, foreign and domestic, were killed by communist democide from 1900 to 1987.

    About Gypsies:

    “Not to be confused with Romanians, an unrelated ethnic group and nation, nor with modern or ancient Romans, also unrelated.
    For other uses, see Romani (disambiguation).
    “Gypsy” and “Gypsies” redirect here. For other uses, see Gypsy (disambiguation).”

    That’s how it is described by Wikipedia and others…more of those Germans aka Blondes of Hitler/Himmler camp will always come up with their known attitude = ” The German RASE conquered Europe”

    And as long as the people of Europe accept it (imposed on them skilfully by those mentioned aforetime) could be OK?
    politically?…People WAKE UP…It’s time

    Note: The definition of “Politically” is what I’ve said antes, in a different manner.

    You will find it on Wikipedia


    A diversion of history done by those with money (Mainly Germany, Austria, Russia, Hungary and followed by others and carefully exported all over – as the Germans did it in the past, not only WWI and WWII but the most important the allocation of 10 ten million dollars (translate it in today DOLLARS = what it is?) to the Bolsheviks in Russia(more exactly to Lenin) in order to get rid of the Russian Monarchs who were allied with the west- WWI ) from some countries of Europe and taken over by others who were very interested in this subject by implication and more.

    Note: I must reiterate this in order for us to understand the order created by some and ignored by many.

    PS The Gypsies did not call themselves ROMA or ROMANI (Germans/Austrians/Hungarians and sometimes Russians did it recently to accentuate the confusion of Ancient Rome and Romania (ROMAN WALLACIANS) with the Gypsies.

    Some Gypsies (very few of them – most likely those who lived in Romania) considered themselves to be “Rom” with the plural “Romi” derived as they (Linguists) say from DOM (corrupted to Rom) but never ever ROMANI as it is subtly suggested by some which I mentioned above.

    We know why…

    PS Who’ve said that… “Those with money and implicitly power make/create the history of today”?

    Who have said that… ” History is an agglomeration of errors” (not to say untrue/fallacious facts)

  8. Let’s do this in this way:

    Sylvia Terzian
    1 year ago (edited)
    Who are the Roman Wallacians?:

    The Romanians were known in the past as:

    VALACHUS (By the Catholic West)
    FLACI(By catholic West)
    IFLAK (By the Turks)
    VLASI & VOLOH (By the Slavs)
    OLAH &BLACH (By the Hungarians)
    OLAHOK (By the Hungarians)
    OLASZOK (The Hungarian name for the Italians)
    WALACH (By the Germans)
    WALSCHER (The German name for the Italians)
    BLACHOS & VLACHOS (By the Greeks)
    BLOCH (By the Saxons in Transylvania)
    WOLOSZY (By the Polish)
    WLOCHI (The Polish name for the Italians)
    In old German WALH = ROMAN
    In old slavonic VLAST = POWER(considered of Gothic origin)
    In old slavonic VLAST = GIGANTE

    Romanians always called themselves ROMANS & RUMANS, RUMANI and the neighbors called them Vlachs,Vlasi,Olahs,etc., since the language of the Church and State was Old Slavonic (Imposed by the Wallacian Tzar of Bulgaria by the name of Boris) where RUM = ROME and the Vlachs called themselves Ruman and Romans depending of the CHURCH AFFILIATION.

    The other people in Europe who claim roots from Rome are in Switzerland and call themselves “Romansh” – The Germans consider the Romansh to be Romanized Germans – totally wrong (my educated impression and others – another politicized aspect of History conducted by the Germans themselves).

    The Germans couldn’t call the Romanians/Vlachs/Wallacians = Foreigners (as it is suggested intensively today especially (Germans,Hungarians,Austrians and Some Russians aka Slavs) by the Germans and others, this idea was followed inclusively by the Communist Romanian Historians – some of them )

    Based on the same principle why the Germans didn’t call the Prussians, Slavs, French, Baltics,Hungarians ,etc …”foreigners”???
    The only alternative is the Gothic one: Volk = Armed people = Romans. Most likely coming from the Volsci and of course from Slavonic , Vlast/Volos = Power



    “Veles (Cyrillic Serbian, Bulgarian and Macedonian: Велес; Polish: Weles; Ukrainian: Велес; Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian: Veles; Ruthenian and Old Church Slavonic: Велесъ; Belarusian: Вялес, translit. Vialies), also known as Volos (Russian: Волос, listed as a Christian saint in Old Russian texts), is a major Slavic god of earth, waters, forests and the underworld. His attributes are wet, wooly, hairy (bearded), dark and he is associated with cattle, the harvest, wealth, music, magic and trickery. Believed to be related to the Indo-European deity of Mitra, as well as the Norse deity Loki….”


    From “De administrando imperio”.Constantine’s surname,
    PORPHYROGENITUS(that is, born in the Purple Chamber of the Imperial
    Palace in CONSTANTINOPLE).

    “The emperor Diocletian was much enamored of the country of Dalmatia,and
    he brought folk with their families from ROME and settled them in this
    same country of Dalmatia,and they were called ROMANI (VLACHS) from their
    having been removed from ROME, and this title attaches to them until this

    “The territory possessed by the ROMANI used to extend as far as the river

    (Constantine shows that the ROMANS(Latins, NOT Greek Romans or
    Byzantines) or Vlachs are the original Romans.

    “The country of the ZXHLUMI was previously possessed by the ROMANS, I
    mean, by those ROMANI whom Diocletian the emperor translated from ROME”

    (Constantine is talking about the Imperial Romans,who are going to be
    known under the name of VLACHS).

    “The country of Diocleia was also previously possessed by the
    ROMANI(Vlachs) whom the emperor Diocletian translated from ROME”

    “The country in which the Pagani now dwell was also previously possessed
    by the ROMANI(Vlachs) whom the emperor Diocletian translated from ROME
    and settled in Dalmatia”.

    “At that time when the Avars had fought and expelled from those parts the
    ROMANI(Vlachs) whom the emperor Diocletian had brought from ROME and
    settled there,and who therefore called ROMANI from their having been
    translated from ROME to those countries”

    SUMMARY: In his description of the Greek Roman Empire,we can definitely
    identify two people,the Imperial Romans(VLACHS-those Romans who
    initiated the empire),called by Constantine,ROMANI, and the Greek
    Romans(BYZANTINES-those Romans who adopted GREEK as the language of the
    State and Church).

    POPE CLEMENT VI (1342-1352).

    “Olachi Romani,commorantes in partibus Ungariae,Transilvanis,Ultralpinis
    et Sirmus”

    (In Hungary,Transilvania,Muntenia and Sirmia live the Roman-Vlachs)


    “Tam nobilibus quam popularibus Olachis Romanis”

    SUMMARY: Romanians = Romans (Vlachs).

    POPE PIUS II (1458-1464) (Commentarium rerum memorabilium)

    “VALACHI lingua utuntur Italica, verum imperfecta, et admodum corrupta;
    sunt qui legiones Romanas eo missas olim censeant adversus Dacos, qui eas
    terras incolebant; legionibus Flaccum quendam praefuisse, a que Flacci
    primum,deinde Valachi, mutatis litteris, sint appellati;quorum posteri
    (ut ante relatum est) ”

    (The Vlachs are a people of Roman origin,born from an antic Roman
    Imperial colony,speaking a language close to Latin or Italian)

    NICOLAUS MACHINENSIS, episcop of Modrussa ( DALMATIA)

    “Inferiora vero quaecumque Ister Boristenesque intercipt usque ad Ponti
    ripas Valacchi obtinent,
    romani quondam vel exules vel milites, a duce Flacco ita cognominati,
    nunc immutatione litterae Vlacchi appellati: quo vocabulo non modo ea
    gens sed omnes quoque finitimae nationes hodie Italos nominant. Valacchi
    originis suae illud praecipuum prae se ferunt argumentum quod, quamvis
    Mysorum lingua quae illyrica est omnes utantur, vernaculo tamen sermone,
    hoc est latino haud prorsus obsoleto ab incunabulis loquuntur; et cum
    ignotis congressi, dum linguae explorant comertium, an ROMANAE loqui
    norint interrogant”.

    ( Romanians/Vlachs = Romans)

    Janus Pannonius,Hungarian Humanist/Poet (1434-1472)

    “Sarmatici montes et vos septemplici Istri
    Caerulea Euxinio cornua mixta Mari,
    Ac tu Romanis olim possessa colonis
    Sed iam corrupto, barbara rerra, sono
    Quid dominum lentis longe retinetis in armis?”

    (Romanians/Vlachs = Romans)

    Alessandro Cortesi (1469-1491),Poet.

    “An procul expusos Nomadas, serasque luentes
    Pastores rupto Siculos pro foedere poenas?
    Trinacriae Siculos quondam, Schythiaeque colonos,
    Fortia magnanimos praebentes colla Valachos,
    Qui referunt prisca Roamanam ab origine gentem?”


    POPE Innocent III (in a latter from 1203).

    “Therefore, we, who have been appointed by the will of GOD and Father,
    unworthy as we are, as vicars and successors of the Apostolic See, to
    prove by the force of facts our fatherly love for the Church of the
    Bulgarians and ROMANIANS (VLACHS),who are said to be THE DESCENDENTS OF THE ROMANS,by their flesh and blood”

    POPE Innocent III (in a letter addressed to IONITA, lord of the
    Bulgarians and Romanians,from 1203)

    “Thus, taking this into account, we have decided since long, through our
    envoy or our letters, that we should pay a visit to your lordship, so
    that,realizing your faith to the Roman Church,Your Mother, we might then
    ROMANS…As, he (God the Father) will help you to be a ROMAN in this
    wordily life and for your Eternal Salvation by your own striving, the
    same as you are BY YOUR DESCENT; and he shall help the people of your
    country, which say that they are the ROMANS,blood and flesh”.

    Enea Silvio Piccolomini, “Cosmography” 1501.

    “Transilvania…,it is inhabited by three peoples: the Saxons, the
    Szecklers and the ROMANIANS.
    The Saxons had come from Saxony,and are strong men,used to the struggle…
    The Szecklers are considered the most ancient Hungarians…,The ROMANIANS
    are of Italian stock…, A colony of the ROMANS was settled there (Dacia)
    to keep a tight rein over Dacians under the leadership of a certain
    Flaccus, after whose name the coutry was called Flacohia and its
    inhabitants were called VLACHS instead of Flacci. This people speaks now
    a ROMAN idiom, although partly changed,and hardly understood by an

    Francesco della Valle,1532,(Secretary of Aloisio Gritti,a natural son to
    Doge Andrea Gritti).

    “The Romanians(Vlachs) are of Italian stock, and according to them, they
    are the descendants of the OLD ROMANS”.

    The anonymous notary of King Bela,Gesta Hungarorum.

    “For, after king Attila’s death,the ROMANS called the soil of Panonia a
    graze field as,their herds used to graze in the country of Panonia.And
    they were right in calling the Panonian soil the grazing fields of the
    ROMANS, as even nowadays, the ROMANIANS(Vlachs) feed their sheep on the
    Hungarian estates”.

    IOAN KINNAMOS(Imperial secretary under two Byzantine emperors, Manuel I &

    “It is said about the Vlachs that they are the old descendents of those
    from Italy”

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