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Local Elections – Orban: “Third Win” in the Bag

Local Elections – Orban: “Third Win” in the Bag

Budapest (MTI) – “With our success in the local elections, we have our third win,” while in Budapest “we have more than a two-thirds,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the Fidesz leader, said in a speech after preliminary results were released on Sunday evening.

“Unity and cooperation have won a victory”, the prime minister said, adding that “animosity, division, cynicism and hopelessness have been defeated”. “We will make Hungary great in the next four years,” Orban added.

Istvan Tarlos, the Fidesz-backed mayor of Budapest, who was voted back on Sunday, told supporters: “We can carry on along the path on which we started.”

In a brief address, Tarlos said that he would focus on resolving the city’s problems.


“It won’t be an easy job, but we will be there, and you can rely on us,” the mayor said.

Tarlos congratulated district mayors of the ruling parties, and thanked God, his late parents, his wife, the prime minister, the parties supporting his candidacy, as well as the electorate. “We’ve done it again; together we have succeeded,” he said.

Photo: MTI – Szilard Koszticsak


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