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A new post has been published about Győr Mayor Zsolt Borkai on the blog of a secret leaker, right in the final stage of the 2019 Local Elections campaign of Hungary. The Austrian, German, Romanian, Croatian, Czech, and Slovakian press are full of the growing drug and sex scandal of the Fidesz mayor. 

According to, mayor Borkai travels to the Maldives every year at the end of December for three weeks, each time with his “friends” – the portal has no evidence at this time. 

Presumably, the purpose of these journeys was not only entertainment but “banking management” as well.

“A major advantage of being the president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee was that Borkai could have a diplomat passport. Therefore, he could take a suitcase full of cash onboard every year as diplomatic luggage, without it being checked,”

states the leaker in his post.

It also seems to be an interesting business that the government can easily provide diplomatic passports for basically anyone. The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has given out 16,952 diplomatic passports since 2010.

Officially, there are only 1,700 associates working in foreign affairs while there are 7,657 diplomatic passports in use at the moment.

According to Die Presse:

“Hungary has her own Ibiza scandal.”

In Kronen Zeitung, it is not clear why the mayor has not resigned yet – we know from his public video message that he has no such plan (you can read about it here). Österreich assumes that the party was paid from public funds.

borkai tv
Borkai on TV. Source: ATV Magyarország Youtube Channel

The leaker is presumed to be one of the women on the yacht from the circle of the Fidesz mayor – a woman’s hand can be seen in two of the scenes in a newly posted video about the event. Her videos have already been deleted from Pornhub where they had 400-500,000 views. 

The leaker says that Borkai keeps his money on two different bank accounts at least, and they are managed by his lawyer, Zoltán Rákosfalvy. According to the blogger, the Chief Prosecutor’s Office could quickly investigate the case by checking the wealth of Fidesz mayor Borkai on the Maldives if there was an intention for that. This case also shows that the Prosecution in Hungary has only one true task: “to protect the members of the political mafia,” adds the leaker.

Opposition party Jobbik has already denounced mayor Borkai both in Hungary and Croatia, so sooner or later, an official outcome is expected. 

You can read our first article published about the scandal here.


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