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Tips from the US ambassador to make the most out of Budapest

David Cornstein was ingaurated last year in summer.

Passenger travelling 760 times without a ticket is acquitted at court in Hungary

Was it a just decision? What do you think?

Melodies of the 1956 Revolution in Hungary – VIDEOS

Have you ever associated the 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight of #Hungary with music? Let us help you do it in an authentic way!

What will Hungary look like in 2050

Depressing images from the future...

Tetris challenge may never go out of fashion in Hungary

How is the Tetris Challenge going in your country? :)

Budapest is among the best stag party destinations!

#Budapest is in third place as it is also one of the cheapest cities for expats in #Europe! ;)

Two Hungarian universities listed among the best institutions for computer science

The top 10 places are mainly taken by British and American #universities. Nonetheless, congratulations to the #Hungarian institutions!

A youth of Hungarian origin stabbing his friend to death in Manchester

Joshua Molnar imagined himself to be a gangster of the middle class. #drug #crime #youth

5+1 world-famous Hungarian desserts and their recipes – VIDEOS

Let us introduce you the Hungarian desserts ;)

The ten most shameful things of Hungary – listed by the head of the Central Bank of Hungary

What do you think about Matolcsy's suggestions?

Making good pálinka is not as hard as you think

Most Hungarians think about homemade “pálinka” in the same way to a certain extent. During a family meal or the visit of the relatives, a big plastic bottle […]

Budapesters are against pestering homeless people

If a homeless person is warned 3 times in 90 days for living in a public place, his/her belongings can be legally confiscated without any compensation.  # Hungary #Budapest #Fidesz #homelessness

One of the weirdest traits of the Hungarian soul

Have you ever experienced this phenomenon in #Hungary?

Ronaldo to break the goal record of Hungarian legend Puskás

Based on recent statistics, Cristiano Ronaldo is approaching the goal count of the legendary football player, Ferenc Puskás, the pride of Hungary. The rising legend may […]

Hungarian street food – 5 delicious takeaway meals with recipes – VIDEOS

Are you ready for some Hungarian street food? :)

UPDATE – foreign press flooded by Győr Mayor’s sex and drug scandal

"Hungary has her own Ibiza scandal." #election #Hungary #scandal #Győr

Taxi service functioning unlawfully in Hungary – 7 out of 10 infringements detected by authorities

Careful! 70% of the inspections at taxi service providers revealed some kind of infringement!

Romanian troops having army exercise in Szeklerland

What do you think about the venue choice? What message does it communicate to the locals? #Székelyföld #Szeklerland #Translyvania #Romania #Hungarians

5+1 traditional Hungarian soups with recipes – VIDEOS

Are you interested in #Hungarian cuisine? Want to try something unique and special? Let's cook some soup!

Hungarian origin – where was the ancient homeland of Magyars?

Where was the ancient homeland of Magyars? Here is the latest anthropological research.