Hungarian soups are among the best ones in the world. The majority of tourists who visit the country have probably heard about fisherman soup, chicken soup or at least goulash soup etc. These soups are not hard to make at all; you can try them yourselves at home – let us help you with some recipes and tutorial videos.

Previously we have already published an interesting article about 5 typical Hungarian main courses. As you have probably heard about it, the traditional Hungarian family lunch always starts with a soup – it is a great and healthy choice for a starter. After that, the main course follows, and the meal ends with a dessert. 

Take a look at six easy and typical Hungarian soup recipes – if you are in the mood, you can try them with the help of the tutorial videos below. Be aware of the ingredients and the quantity that may be different in the recipe and the video. Are you ready? Let’s cook!

Goulash soup (“gulyásleves”) is maybe the most famous Hungarian soup full of beef, vegetables and a wonderful harmony of tastes. Find the video below and the recipe here.

Another beef-based Hungarian speciality is “palócleves” with green beans and a great variety of other vegetables. Find the recipe here watch the video below and let’s cook!

“Halászlé” (fisherman soup) is a traditional fish-based soup. It works with many kinds of different fish, and it is traditionally cooked, e.g. at Christmas Eve, when you go fishing or when you are simply in the mood to eat it. Find the recipe here, watch the video and do not hesitate to try it!

Do you like cauliflower? Have you tasted it cooked in a soup before? The Hungarian kitchen has an excellent offer for you then – click here to find the recipe and watch the video below about the steps of making it!

Chicken soup (“Húsleves”) seems to be an ordinary starter. Let’s find out how it is done the Hungarian way. Find the recipe here and the video below.

Do you find the other soups too heavy or salty? The last, “+1 soup”, is especially for you then, because it is a light, sweet, cold and very healthy one. The Hungarian kitchen has several different fruit soups, and “meggyleves” (cherry soup) is a very typical one. 

You can read about where to eat the best Hungarian food in the USA here.  


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