Hungarian cuisine is very well-known all around the world. Traditional Hungarian dishes are mainly soups, pottages, stews, and different meat or vegetable-based meals with a great variety of sides (dumpling, potato, pasta, dough, etc.). A traditional Hungarian meal always starts with a soup, followed by the main course, and ends with dessert. You can find some typical Hungarian main courses below with recipes and tutorial videos that provide an excellent opportunity to try them yourself at home.

Let’s start with a delicious and simple meal, “Lecsó” (the Hungarian ratatouille), full of vegetables that cannot be made the same way by two different cooks. It has several varieties – you can eat it with bacon, sausage, rice, and eggs, or simply with fresh bread, based on your own taste. The secret is the harmony of taste provided by the excellent mixture of well-seasoned and cooked vegetables (tomato, paprika, and onion) that serve as the base of this meal. You can find the recipe here. Be careful with the portions of the ingredients and methods that may differ in the videos below. 


Chicken paprikash (“csirke paprikás”) is maybe the most well-known Hungarian dish. The well-seasoned and cooked chicken has the perfect, crumbly consistency, and with some dumplings, covered by its splendid gravy, it becomes irresistible, even if you are on a diet. You can find the recipe here.


If you have some potato, sausage, and eggs at home, you basically have everything to bake a wonderful Hungarian dish in the oven. This main course is called “rakott krumpli” (layered potatoes/potato casserole) – you can find its recipe here. If you have some bacon, cheese, and sour cream in the mix, you can reach the perfect harmony of tastes, with minimal effort.

Another extremely famous Hungarian dish is the stuffed cabbage roll (“töltött káposzta”). Its name includes everything you should know about it. It is a simple, cooked roll of cabbage, stuffed with minced meat and rice. With some fresh bread and sour cream on top, you could not find a better meal for lunch – so find the recipe here and let’s cook!

Last but not least, let’s try another potato-based dish – a stew this time called “paprikás krumpli” (potato paprikash). This dish is not difficult to make either, and once you are done, you can enjoy fresh bread dipped into the heavenly sauce of this simple and delicious dish. Take a look at the recipe here. Ready? Time to cook.

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