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Homelessness – illustration

Two-thirds of Budapest’s population (68%) do not agree with the new homeless law of the capital, according to the survey of Závecz Research on the request of 24.hu (news portal). People can be reported for living on the streets and sentenced in court.

According to HVG, authorities have been free to pester homeless people on the streets since October 2018.

If a homeless person is warned three times in 90 days for living in a public space, his/her belongings can be legally confiscated without any compensation. 

The survey shows that the people of Budapest are not for strictness at all – only 28% of them support the recent law concerning the issue. It is irrespective of gender, age, qualification, residency, etc., whether people condemn the change. 

The most visible difference between people concerning this issue can be observed based on party sympathy. It was revealed that 49% of Fidesz voters agree with the change, and they support the legal condemnation of homeless people – however, 46% of the people are against it. 84% of opposition voters are against the strict regulation, as well as 77% of voters without any party preference. 

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Source: hvg.hu

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