The Ministry of Human Resources will pass their newest initiative to the Hungarian government in which they would protect the biggest underpasses of Budapest with electrically operated bars. With this step, the ministry would ensure that during the night, no homeless people would sleep or stay there.

According to hvg, the project about protecting the most crowded Budapest underpasses appeared last November. The plans stated that these places would be closed down with bars after the last underground leaves the station during the night. Before this statement, another one was released on October 15, which banned homeless people from sleeping on the streets of the capital.

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There are two aims of such projects. One is to make homeless people disappear from the streets, and two – which is the result of the first aim – is to make them move into accommodations where they would get food and beds to sleep. Although it would affect other citizens – as underpasses would not be open during the night –, the leadership of the capital strongly believes in this plan. Furthermore, the leadership of Budapest believes that bars are the only way of keeping the underpasses clean.

These changes, of course, can only become a reality with financial support. The supervisors of these projects would ensure approximately 4.4 billion HUF (12 million EUR) between 2019 and 2020.

The underpasses which would be protected with bars are the following:

  • Deák Square (5 exits)
  • Corvin-negyed (10 exits)
  • Kálvin Square (7 exits)
  • Újbuda-központ (4 exits)
  • Móricz Zsigmond Square (11 exits)
  • Ecseri Road (3 exits)
  • Váci Street – Csanády Street (4 exits)
  • Boráros Square (3 exits)
  • Lehel Square (4 exits)

These main underpasses would be followed by other ones which are not as crowded as the ones mentioned above. According to the ministry, the special accommodations – providing all necessities for homeless people – would ensure these people 24-hour supervision. Hungary has 85 of these buildings, and 44 are located just in the capital.

Not only Budapest but major Hungarian cities like Miskolc, Szeged, Pécs, and Debrecen are planning to do the same as the capital.

Hungarian homeless man brutally beaten up in London

At the entrance of Savoy Hotel (London), a doorman was filmed by CCTV as he was punching and kicking a homeless man of Hungarian origin in the head several times. The colleagues of the luxury hotel’s associate just kept watching it without any attempt of intervention. 



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