Violence at Hotel Savoy (London) – homeless man brutally beaten by security guard Photo: John

At the entrance of Savoy Hotel (London), a doorman was filmed by CCTV as he was punching and kicking a homeless man of Hungarian origin, in the head several times. The colleagues of the luxury hotel’s associate just kept watching it without any attempt of intervention. 

According to The Telegraph, the Hungarian victim is known as Attila, and the doorman caught him after stealing coins from the water fountain nearby – therefore a brutal assault followed, and the rough sleeper was punched and kicked on the ground repeatedly. The incident happened on 30th December last year. On Saturday, spokesman of the hotel announced that associates of the Savoy were shocked and outraged by the assault, this is why they reported it immediately to the police – Scotland Yard is examining the CCTV footage. This is not the first incident of a Hungarian homeless man in the heart of London – he probably died of drug poisoning last year.

On the footage we can see a scruffy man in winter jacket being thrown onto the ground, punched and kicked in the head violently by a security guard in black suits, at the front door of the hotel. In the end, the guard pulled himself up on a big flower pot and jumped down with both feet onto the homeless man’s body – without any intervention by other staff who were watching the incident. 

The victim is a Hungarian homeless man, called Attila in his mid-40s – said the 58-year-old Jezrzy Fudala, one of Attila’s homeless friends to the Telegraph. Fudala said:

“I saw him a few days ago. I remember in the winter had he was assaulted and said to avoid this area because of the conflict with security. He says he’s not coming to Savoy because it’s dangerous with security. He lives in Camden. He’s Hungarian. He hangs out with two Englishmen. I see him sometimes.”

The attacker was applied by the hotel through an agency during the festive season at the time. One of The Telegraph’s sources at Savoy called the incident a “total disgrace.

Svoy Hotel - London
Savoy Hotel – London


“Homeless people do wander into Savoy Court from time to time, but they never cause trouble. Sometimes they take a few coins from the fountain, but they are soon asked to leave, so they leave. This could never be justified. It’s just total savagery. I think the other doormen have a case to answer as well. Why didn’t they intervene?”

One of the hotel’s spokesmen says that the incident was reported at that time by the staff, but without any details of seriousness. This is why they have reported it to the police recently.  

“The individual concerned is no longer associated with the hotel in any way. We are shocked and appalled by his actions and apologise to the individual and the public for what occurred.”

The investigation of the incident was reopened after the video was published on social media, on 5th September – local police confirmed. The victim did not report anything about the incident, just left the area. Now the authorities are working on identifying the aggressor and bringing him in for questioning and facing the victim. 

You can read about the story of a homeless man of Hungarian origin, who became the hero of a UK town, here – he died of leukaemia last year.


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