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A Hungarian homeless man died in the streets of London. He was found lying unconscious at the Westminster metro station, and paramedics could not save him. His photos were displayed at the metro station in his memory.

A Hungarian homeless man was found dead at the Westminster metro station, Szeretlekmagyarország reports. The 42-year-old man called Gyula was not the first homeless man to die in the same neighbourhood.

In 2017, approximately 600 homeless people died in England. That is a 24% increase in the number of deaths in the last five years.

The Guardian also reported some statistics: “84% of the homeless people who died were men. London and the north-west had the highest mortality of homeless people in England and Wales.”

More than half of the deaths in 2017 were caused by drug poisoning, suicide and alcohol abuse. No figures were calculated for 2018.

Gyula’s body was found by his close friend, the 22-year-old Gábor, who told The Guardian that Gyula wanted to check in the nearby homeless shelter, but he was sent away due to lack of space. Gábor also told The Guardian that Gyula managed to finally find a job, he was about to start working as a chef’s assistant. He was feeling like his life was finally going to get better.

Gyula was found at the Westminster metro station, lying unconscious in his own vomit. Unfortunately, the paramedics could not save his life.

Another homeless man, Tim, living in the same neighbourhood, claims that it was not the cold that took Gyula’s life. He claims that drugs and alcohol are the real killers on the street.

Tim also claimed to know Gyula personally, and he said that Gyula was a frequent user of marijuana, and he often drank alcohol as well.

This is not really a surprise. Many homeless people claim that they can only cope with the difficulties of living in the cold in the streets with the help of alcohol.

Fidesz proposes constitutional ban on homelessness

In Gyula’s memory, in the station, there is a shrine with his picture, flowers and a can of his favourite beer. “He loved Stella. That was his beer,” Kasza says.

Members of the parliament often come across Westminster metro station.

Labour MP David Lammy tweeted: “There is something rotten in Westminster when MPs walk past dying homeless people on their way to work.”

Members of the British Parliament plan to ban those homeless people from the country who do not have a good occupation, and who are unable to settle in, writes hvg. People without jobs will not be able to immigrate into the United Kingdom.

In November, Daily News Hungary reported on another Hungarian man who was living on the streets of a UK town called Bath, and he was considered to be a hero, after saving a little girl from drowning. He died of a terminal illness this November. You can read his story here:

The homeless Hungarian hero of a UK town dies

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