homeless street society

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has said it wants the government to consider inserting a provision into the current round of changes to the constitution that would create the legal conditions for banning people from living in public spaces given that everyone without a home is guaranteed shelter.

Governing party lawmaker István Bajkai said at a press conference on Tuesday that he would initiate the individual MP’s amendment with a view to ensuring that “everyone can make use of the city as a real home on an equal basis”.

The Fidesz politician said people use public spaces to live in was a decades-long problem. “Besides the public-security and public-health dangers, this is a burden on city-dwellers,” he added.

He noted that the state and local councils provide extensive support schemes, such as day centres and night-time accommodation for people whose lives are difficult and who are unable to live in their own homes.

Source: MTI

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