Central Europe seems to be one of the most attractive regions in the world for stag parties. A recent study that examined 50 different cities based on different factors has listed Budapest, Prague, and Krakow among the top ten stag party destinations.

According to, the cities are compared based on the following factors:

beer and meal prices, most extravagant activities and bars to choose from, and the weather forecast,

says the new international stag do index study. It is pretty surprising that despite the last factor, London is in the first place as the best stag party destination. 

Stag parties are quite conspicuous in Central European cities. Prague is the second-best stag do destination. However, local authorities are trying to regulate late-night partying, including beer bike tours downtown. Budapest has the third place as it is also one of the cheapest cities for expats in Europe. Krakow is also in the top ten, securing 8th place.

budapest panorama
Budapest – city view

Taking only beer prices into account, Budapest is in 4th place, while Prague is in 5th, Bratislava 7th, and Krakow 8th. You can buy the cheapest beer in Cancun and Sofia.

If you are planning to organise a stag party for your friend, check out the list of the best stag destinations based on the newest index below:

  1. London (UK) – “the ultimate stag do destination”
  2. Prague (Czech Republic) – “European charm and great weather”
  3. Budapest (Hungary) – “no surprise stags are flocking in their thousands”
  4. Madrid (Spain) – “a great choice for sun-worshipping stags”
  5. Las Vegas (USA) – “extravagant activities and guaranteed sunshine”
  6. Barcelona (Spain) – “a mixture of city and beach vibes”
  7. Moscow (Russia) – “despite the high chance of rain”
  8. Krakow (Poland) – “good for both cheap food and taxis”
  9. Sofia (Bulgaria) – “brilliant for cab fares”
  10. Cancun (Mexico) – “a tropical long-haul” 

You can read more about the city of Budapest which has recently been listed among the most beautiful cities in the world here


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