HUngary tetris challenge
Photo:ágyi Nonprofit Ltd.

The Tetris challenge has been growing for weeks around the whole world, and in Hungary, it has become extremely popular somehow. Besides reminding us of the classic, unforgettable game, these images provide insight into certain professions by introducing their tools, uniforms, and equipment to the public. 

According to, the challenge has become so popular that soldiers, policemen, commando teams, firefighters, doctors, Olympic athletes, celebrities, priests, animal protectors, and even animals have joined it since mid-September. 

Check out below some of the most remarkable images this challenge has triggered so far in Hungary:

Honvédség Tetris Challenge
Hungarian Defence Forces
Hungarian Red Cross
TEK Tetris Challenge
Counter Terrorism Centre




Tetris Challenge - hospital
Gottsegen György Országos Kardiológiai Intézet (Cardiology Institution)
Hodász Tetris Challenge
Father Hodász – a well-known Hungarian Catholic priest Photo:



You can read about an interesting Hungarian app, called Artris, developed in 2015 here. You can further read about the statistics regarding social media’s influence on the Hungarian youth here.

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