Is it true that Hungary is a porn industry giant?

The history behind the myth. Is it true? ????? #porn #pornindustry #sex #love #pornstar #europe #usa #hungarian #hungary #dailynewshungary

Tetris challenge may never go out of fashion in Hungary

How is the Tetris Challenge going in your country? :)

Making good pálinka is not as hard as you think

Most Hungarians think about homemade “pálinka” in the same way to a certain extent. During a family meal or the visit of the relatives, a big plastic bottle […]

Success: a Hungarian carpenter won the gold medal on the 45th WorldSkills Competition

Congratulations! Krisztián Simon won the gold medal on the 45th WorldSkills Competition!

Hungary – swindlers using ‘doctor’ title?!

Why do we have so many #doctors in #Hungary? - Title used by #swindlers

Resident doctors: why do not we appreciate more the remaining ones?

An #unsettling insight into the lives of #Hungarian #resident #doctors - many of them want to #leave the country, partly because of how they are treated...

She became a bag maker because of Hitler – The true story of the Hungarian Judith Leiber – PHOTOS, VIDEO

What kind of #purse would you order from her? :) #design #bag # success #Hungarian

Crisis of Hungarian labor market

Shop assistants, programmers and unskilled workers are needed the most.

These are the best paying professions in Hungary

Air traffic controllers have the highest salary in Hungary, but those with a degree in law or engineering are well off as well. Based on the […]

From today women work for ‘free’

Throughout Europe, women on average earn two months’ less salary than men. In Hungary, the situation is even worse.  Women technically work for free or two […]

Hungary launches new program to support Transcarpathian Hungarians

Minister of State Responsible for National Policy János Árpád Potápi opened a modern physics laboratory at Ungvár National University Hungarian-language department. The Hungarian government will do […]

Hungary takes first steps against brain drain

Budapest (MTI) – The economy ministry has launched a scheme to entice young Hungarians back home from abroad. The first round of funding totals 100 million […]

The Most Wanted Professions in Hungary

More than 70 thousand students began their studies in any higher educational institution. Here are the most demanded profession, says. Most of the students will […]

Huge Gender Pay Gap Between Graduates

Budapest, July 8 (MTI) – The gap between the average monthly net wages of fresh male and female graduates has increased over the past years and […]

Most Wanted Professions In Hungary In 2014

This year the rubber product making machine-operator, the product assembler and machinist will be the most wantedjobs onthe Hungarian labour market, while in forestry, hunting, fishing […]